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With the web full of companies offering to train you as an assessor it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. On this page, we will try and advise you on what to look out for.


Step 1

Be realistic with your expectations.

There are companies out there who claim you will be earning £50,000 per year and you can be fast tracked in a few weeks. This is complete nonsense. You cannot train to be an assessor in a couple of weeks.

What they are in fact selling you is a short course that covers the theory. This is only part of what you need to qualify. You also need to take active candidates through part of their NVQ. Depending upon the candidates you are working with this could take several months.

After you qualify expect your salary to be in the £23,000 – £33,000 bracket.


Step 2

Look for an established training provider who has a good track record that you can check.

Many new providers have sprung up in the last three years and the quality of a lot of these is questionable. We have also noticed that many of these have also disappeared as fast as they arrived. Not good if one of them is your training provider and they have taken your money with them.


Step 3

Check that the training provider is accredited with a proper examination body. You should also check that they are accredited with at least one of the industry bodies.

Before enrolling on a course ask for their registration numbers and check with the appropriate body that they are. Also, be aware that not all bodies people claim to be registered with are of equal value. For some, you simply need to fill out a short form and pay your money.


Step 4

As mentioned earlier you will need two active candidates to work with in order to qualify. Check with your chosen training provider that they will supply these candidates for you and that there will be no cost to you. If they do not provide the candidates we would suggest you go back to step 2 and look again for a company that does.

There are plenty of good training providers out there but equally there are plenty of bad ones. Take your time to make your choice and choose wisely at the end of the day it is your money so don’t waste it.