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About Brooks & Kirk

Specialists in Assessor, IQA and Tutor Training

With a legacy dating back to 1996, Brooks and Kirk have continuously evolved, establishing ourselves as leading TAQA training provider and distinguished educational consultant. With a passion for excellence in Further Education, we specialise in empowering both businesses and individuals alike.


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Joan Kirk
Pat Brooks

Seeds of Friendship and Humble Beginning

(1980s – 1995)

Nottingham University had recently taken over the School of Nursing at Pilgrim Hospital, based in Lincolnshire. This came with a flurry of changes to the administration, staff and vision. One of these changes was the person in charge of the School of Nursing at Pilgrim Hospital was appointed as the new Director of Nurse Education at the university. A dedicated woman by the name of Joan Kirk.

Joan’s expertise and determination led her to many exciting endeavours in her teaching career, including teaching engagements in Scandinavia and pioneering some of the very first NVQs. It was during these years that she first met Pat Brooks.

Pat was a Ward Sister at Pilgrim Hospital. With similar life experiences and upbringing, they quickly became inseparable best friends. Joan persuaded Pat to leave the wards and train to be a nurse tutor.

The Start of Brooks and Kirk

(1996 – 2010)

In the same year as the first-ever commercially available mobile flip phone, and rising public concern about understaffing in the NHS in mainstream media. Joan decided that now was the time for change. She approached Patt with a life-changing proposition: quit their jobs and start a company delivering NVQs in Health and Social Care.

To Pat, Joan was not only her best friend but also her mentor. So, the decision was easy, abeit scary, she took the leap. Together, they embarked on a whole new chapter of their lives under the name of Brooks and Kirk.

As the early 2000s arrived, their company began to flourish. What started as a small venture delivering NVQs grew into something bigger. Venturing into the realm of TAQA  (referred to as A1V1, and PTLLS by 2010), business administration and management qualifications, the duo had transformed their small team into a burgeoning enterprise with assessors scattered throughout the United Kingdom. 

(Image credit: The British NEWSPAPER Archive)

matrix award

Government Cuts and Turbulent Times

(2010 – 2017)

The tale took a bitter turn in 2010. The government dismantled the backbone of independent training, the Train-to-Gain Scheme. The company, thriving until then, faced the daunting prospect of dwindling funds. Pat and Joan had to witness their creation slip through their fingers. Friendships they had fostered over 14 years had to be bid farewell.

Amidst the turbulence, Pat and Joan chose to rebuild rather than give up. The next eight years were spent focusing on adapting to changes in the modern landscape and doubling down on the delivery of TAQA training. The beloved A1 and V1 qualifications were replaced by CAVA, officially recognised as the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

The Life and Legacy of Joan Kirk

(2018 – 2020s)

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again in 2018. At age 80, Joan Kirk passed away. She had lived a filling and loved life and her passing cast a shadow of sorrow. Her guiding light was missed by her children, colleagues and her best friend. It broke Patt’s heart, so she decided it was time to step back and pass on the mantle to the next generation.

Over the following two decades, the company’s team witnessed an astounding expansion. We gained a beloved office dog named Allen, who brought warmth and positivity to the workspace (you may have seen him in some of our social posts!).

The company evolved from a duo delivering social care training into a family-centred establishment offering a diverse array of; TAQA courses, CPD Short Courses, and Educational Consultancy.

Joan Kirk
Learner Mix

The Path Forward for Brooks and Kirk

As our story continues, Brooks and Kirk have now worked with multiple international and domestic entities, including IBM, Canon Medical Systems, De Montfort University, over 15 NHS Trusts and more. Joan’s spirit lives on in their accomplishments, and though she’s not physically present, her legacy inspires them to forge ahead. Looking back, if Joan were still among us, she would undoubtedly be proud of how far we’ve come.

As we navigate new chapters and face fresh challenges, we remain resolute in our mission to offer quality training. To see where we are today, take a look at our suite of TAQA courses below:

Tutor Training

Level 3 Award in Education and
Training (AET)

Become an Adult Education Tutor
Previously PTLLS
120 Hours TQT

The AET course is designed to provide a foundation in teaching and training. It is ideal for those who are new to teaching & training and want to gain the basic knowledge and skills required to be an effective educator in further education.

£295 One-Off Payment

£395 Instalments | £50 Deposit

Assessor Training

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA)

Become an NVQ or End-Point Assessor
Previously A1, D32/D33
150 Hours TQT

The CAVA course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to become competent assessors of vocational qualifications, such as apprenticeships or NVQs, in their area of expertise.

£745 One-Off Payment

£845 Instalments | £50 Deposit

IQA Training

Level 4 Certificate in Leading Internal Quality Assurance (Lead IQA)

Become a Quality Manager
Previously D34
170 Hours TQT

This IQA qualification is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage the quality assurance of vocational qualifications. You must already be a qualified assessor to enrol on this IQA course.

£975 One-Off Payment

£1,075 Instalments | £200 Deposit

Not sure which course is best suited to you? Speak to one Course Advisors today on 01205 805 155