At Brooks and kirk, we pride ourselves on the level of service and support we give our learners. If at any time you need help or support please contact us and we will do our best to help.

For your peace of mind, on this page, you will find our,

Delivery Policy

Refund / Cancellation Policy


Delivery Policy

Within 24 hours of paying for your course, either in full or by paying a deposit, you will receive an email with your log in details. The date the email is sent by us is your course start date. If for any reason this does not arrive or you have any problems getting logged in please contact us immediately.


Refund Policy

Any refunds will be made to the person or organisation that paid the original fee and by the same payment method, except where the payment method was cash, in which case the refund will be made by bank transfer and we will request your bank details.

Please note that refunds will not be immediate. However, they will be processed in a timely manner, but are subject to the Brooks and Kirk authorisation process and bank processing timings.

Refund Due

We are not able to offer refunds to learners after they have enrolled on the course.

If a learner wishes to withdraw from a course before they have enrolled and within 30 days of their payments their course fee will be refunded to them less a £100 administration fee.

No refund will be paid after this 30 day period.