How can I find End-Point Assessment Organisations?

Whilst this may seem complicated, the process to find End-Point Assessment Organisations is pretty simple; thanks to the register. The register of End-Point Assessment Organisations can be accessed by anyone, but its main use is for employers.

Employers use the register to find End-Point Assessment Organisations to carry out the EPA with their Apprentice. But where and how do you find an EPAO?

How to find End-Point Assessment Organisations

Employers can choose any organisation that’s listed against the respective Apprenticeship Standards to carry out the EPA. It’s important to know that employers cannot choose the Apprentice’s training provider to be the EPAO; unless¬†the assessment plan states otherwise. Which, in itself, is a rarity.

If an organisation is not on the register, it can’t be used. But, the register is updated every month. So if an employer does want to use a specific organisation that isn’t on the register, that organisation will need to apply and be accepted before they can carry out the EPA. The register is updated every month, so any EPAOs that are interested can apply and be considered pretty swiftly.

Similarly, employers won’t be able to select an EPAO for their apprentice until at least one organisation has been listed on the register for that Apprenticeship standard.

Anyway – we’re rambling on and on about this register – where can you find it?!

The Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations

On the Gov. website, there is a page dedicated to the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations. On this page, you’ll be able to access the register. The register comes in the format of a Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet. As mentioned before, it’s updated every month, so make sure you’ve downloaded the most up-to-date version before you start finding the organisation right for you.

(Look, it’s July 2019 at the time of writing this, but the current version available is June. So just keep an eye out!)

And that is how you find End-Point Assessment Organisations!

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