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What’s involved with our Educational Consultancy Service?

As every prospective client has their own unique requirements, it’s impossible to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our Educational Consultancy Services. However, the ‘initial phase’ always follows the same 3-stage process. Below, we explain the types of services that we offer, the process and the costings associated with each stage of the process.

The Initial Phase

Stage 1

Initial Consultation


Stage 2

Initial Scope Analysis


Stage 3

Recommendations / Options

Cost will vary

Stage 1 – The Initial Consultation

This is an opportunity to have a 30-minute discussion over the phone with an industry expert who has extensive experience in:

  • Setting up accredited training providers with a range of awarding organisations
  • Developing the policies, procedures, resources and systems required to setup and manage an accredited training provider;
  • Writing bids to secure a range of funding contracts;
  • Completing application procedures for the ‘Register of Training Organisations’ and the ‘Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers’.

Within the Initial Consultation, only generic, non-technical questions will be answered and this exercise is purely designed to ascertain if the intended project is within the scope of the services Brooks and Kirk have to offer. As at this stage there is not a formal non-disclosure agreement in place so advice and guidance won’t be offered until a formal working agreement is in place. This is intended to project the interests of both parties.

Following the Initial Consultation, we will send you an email which will briefly outline our observations. If we deem your business idea/plan to be viable then we will offer you the opportunity to book an Initial Scope Analysis Consultation.

Stage 2 – Initial Scope Analysis

At this stage, a non-disclosure agreement will be in place to protect both party’s business interests. The format of this will usually consist of a 1-hour conference call with two members of the Brooks and Kirk consultation team. The objective of this conference call is to gather as much information regarding the intended project to get a larger and well-rounded understanding of the existing setting and intended strategic direction. Topics such as organisational structure, skills, existing resources along with key targets and milestones will be explored as part of this activity.

Once complete, Brooks and Kirk will produce a report containing key observations with a selection of recommendations based on your company’s direction and intent.

Stage 3 – Recommendations

All recommendations are usually costed within the Initial Scope Analysis report. These could be ‘one off’ pieces of work through to a more long-term support agreement. Because the nature, size and complexity of these recommendations can vary so significantly, as can the costings.

Here are some examples of the types of Recommendations we could make:

  • The complete management of the entire awarding body registration process;
  • Develop and train staff on the required polices needed for an accredit training provider;
  • Design and develop bespoke Learner Management Systems (LMS);
  • Design and develop teaching and learning resources;
  • Design and develop bespoke Virtual Learning Environments;
  • Plan and conduct mock External Quality Assurance visits;
  • Being a ‘critical friend’ to offer advice and guidance as you shape policies, processes and procedures;
  • Develop and even implement a marketing strategy;
  • Offer advice and guidance regarding the application to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

As you can appreciate, there are many variables and considerations that must be taken into account before any recommendation can be tabled. Which is why the Initial Scope Analysis is so important.

After the Initial Phase

After you have received your Initial Scope Analysis Report with all possible Recommendations detailed, it is down to you to decide how you would like to proceed. Should you choose to pursue any/all of our 

Next Steps

If you are interested and would like to start your journey with us by booking your Initial Consultation, you can do this either by giving us a call or paying online.

We look forward to working with you!