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Level 4 Lead IQA Qualification

The Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice

This is the flagship Lead IQA Qualification that ensures you can lead the internal quality assurance process of a training centre. Handle those pesky EQA visits with ease and succeed in managing a team of Assessors. 

Lead IQA Qualification Overview

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Previously recognised as the V1 or D34 course, the Level 4 Lead IQA Qualification is the best way for you to build upon your knowledge and skills as an Assessor. On the Lead IQA course, you will receive;

Unlimited IQA Course Support
Guaranteed Access to Qualified Assessors to IQA
Flexible Start Dates

After certification, you will be a qualified Lead IQA / Internal Verifier who can confidently conduct internal quality assessments within your own training centre. The Lead IQA course is split into three simple units:


To enrol on the Lead IQA Qualification, you must own an A1 Assessor, D32/33 or CAVA qualification. We offer great discounts on course bundles if you lack one of these qualifications.
Unit 1

Understanding The Principles And Practices Of Internally Assuring The Quality Of Assessment

The first unit of the Lead 4 IQA qualification covers a range of key topics essential to internal quality assurance. Learners will explore the principles of IQA, gaining an understanding of the fundamental concepts and approaches. They will also delve into the various roles and responsibilities of an Lead IQA, including ensuring compliance with requirements set by awarding bodies and regulatory authorities.

The unit further focuses on planning Lead IQA activities, emphasising the importance of effective organisation and coordination. Learners will also learn how to utilise technology in IQA activities, harnessing its potential to enhance efficiency and accuracy in quality assurance processes. Additionally, this unit within the Lead IQA Course covers the provision of IQA support, highlighting the role of the Lead IQA in providing guidance and assistance to assessors and learners throughout the assessment process.

Lead Internal Verifier Journey

Since 1997, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional training, with a strong foundation in quality and personalised learning. Countless Lead IQA learners have experienced a seamless learning journey.

With our proven track record, we are the ultimate choice to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your Lead IQA career. Rest assured, you cannot fail the course as we are committed to your success. Make the intelligent choice today and trust us for your Lead IQA training needs.

Avg. Lead IQA Course Completion 6-8 Months
Unlimited Assignment Submissions
Flexible Payment Plans Available
Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk

Study Anywhere, Anytime

Absorb each lesson in the comfort of your home, workplace or while you are on the move. With a stable internet connection, you can access hours of hand-curated learning material while on your Lead IQA Qualification.

Guaranteed Access to Assessors to Internally Quality Assure

We provide peace of mind by assigning two fully qualified Assessors for you to quality assure, enabling you to fully pass your Lead IQA Qualification. This will be a 1-day practical observation within the second half of your course at one of our offices in Boston, Coventry, London and Manchester.

Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk
Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk

Unlimited Lead IQA Qualification Support

Complete your Lead Internal Verifier Qualification with ease. From enrolment to certification, qualified and professional tutors are here to support you. Receive unlimited phone, email and video support from expert tutors you can trust Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6.30 pm. 



Flexible Lead IQA Start Date
Unlimited Lead IQA Course Support
Study Anywhere, Anytime
Guaranteed Access to Qualified Assessors to IQA
25+ Years Experience Delivering Training in Further Education

On a TQUK registration.*


Initial registration fee:


Spread the remainder of the cost across 12 months for a total of £1,210

On a TQUK registration. Prices will vary with other awarding bodies*

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Pre-Enrolment Eligibility

Brooks and Kirk are known for producing Lead IQAs of the highest standard. Under our care, you will receive quality IQA training and everything you need to kickstart your Lead IQA career. Before enrolling on the Lead IQA Qualification, we must screen you to ensure eligibility.

Please proceed to the form below to begin the eligibility check process and take the first step to become an Lead IQA.

Must Hold an A1 Assessor, D32/33 or CAVA Qualification to Enrol
Receive a Response Within 1 Working Day
Instalments Option Available
Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk

Lead IQA Course Enquiry Form

Step 1

Submit your details and questions to the enquiry form below. You must be a qualified Assessor to enrol on the Lead IQA Qualification.

Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk
Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk

Step 2

Within 1 working day receive a phone call or email to confirm eligibility and answer any of your questions.

Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk
Level 4 Lead IQA Course / IQA Qualification | Brooks and Kirk

Step 3

Pay online or over the phone. Flexible payment plans are available.

Max. file size: 20 MB.
Please upload your CV to help expedite the eligibility process. You MUST hold an A1 Assessor, D32/33 or CAVA Qualification to pass the Lead IQA Qualification Eligibility Check.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Trusted. Respected. Highly Recommended.

Over the years, we have proudly helped 2500+ learners achieve success through our Lead IQA course. The positive feedback and numerous brilliant 5-star reviews we have received from our satisfied learners speak volumes about the quality of our IQA training.

Join our community of successful IQA professionals and embark on your own journey towards excellence. To explore our pricing options and take the next step towards obtaining your Lead IQA Qualification, click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Do Not Meet the Enrolment Criteria. What Next?

Do not worry, you can still become an IQA professional. We provide discounted packages containing the latest assessor qualification with either the Lead IQA Certificate or Level 4 IQA Award.

This way, you can first become a qualified Assessor and then progress to the Lead IQA qualification, as being an Assessor is a prerequisite for our lead internal quality assurance qualifications.

STEP 1: Enrol Onto an Assessor & Lead IQA Course Bundle
STEP 2: Become a Qualified Assessor
STEP 3: Become a Fully Qualified Lead IQA

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