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PayPal Credit for Our Assessor Courses – FAQ

Trying to find some funding for assessor courses? PayPal Credit could be right down your street.

It is the newest addition to our funding options. And with PayPal Credit, you can cover the cost of your course and have 4 months to pay it off, interest free!

Sound good? Well, here’s everything you need to know about PayPal Credit and how you can take advantage of it.

What is PayPal Credit?

In essence, it is an online credit card.

It will be attached to your PayPal account. So if you haven’t already got one, you will need to create a PayPal account to use this finance option.

Will I have to pay interest?

Only if you take longer than 4 months to pay off your PayPal Credit balance. Any purchases over £99 have 4 months to be paid off interest free.

After 4 months, you will have to pay interest on any outstanding PayPal Credit balance. You will be able to see this interest rate before you begin your application.

Is there a credit check?

Yes, there is a full credit check.

How can I use PayPal Credit to fund my Assessor Course?

With PayPal Credit, you can pay the cash price, save £100, but still pay it off in instalments at no extra cost (providing you pay off the course in 4 months). So, if you have a good credit rating and you’re looking for assessor course funding, here it is.

You will be provided with the option to use PayPal Credit when you go to the ‘Pay in Full‘ page for our CAVA.

What does the application involve?

The application is one short online form. Click below to see what the application entails.

PayPal Credit Application Form

As you will see, this application shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes to fill out.

When will I find out if my PayPal Credit application was successful?

Virtually all applications should receive instant responses. Once you submit an application, PayPal will run a credit check and providing you are approved, you will be presented with a Credit Agreement to accept.

What happens after I have accepted my Credit Agreement?

Once you have accepted your Credit Agreement, you will be started within one working day. If you accept your agreement between 9am and 4pm on a weekday, please give us a call and we will aim to get you started that same day.

Still have questions?

As PayPal Credit is a PayPal product, for more questions and answers regarding this finance option please visit PayPal’s FAQ page to find out more. Alternatively, if you want to speak to someone to ask some specific questions about the application, credit check, repayments, interest etc, then here is a link to PayPal’s Customer Service contact details.

As far as funding for assessor courses goes, we believe that PayPal Credit is currently one of the best options out there.

So, would you like to begin your application for PayPal Credit to fund your assessor course?

If the answer is yes, just click on the button that looks like the one below, but on our CAVA – Pay in Full page. You will see it located just underneath the ‘Add to Basket’ button.

PayPal Credit Button


We are NOT in any way affiliated with PayPal. If you choose to apply for PayPal Credit, you are willingly entering into an agreement between yourself and PayPal, only.

We will NOT receive any commission, referral fees or any other such payments from PayPal for customers that choose PayPal Credit to finance their course.

As with ALL credit finance options, it is important that you consider your own circumstances and look into all options before applying for PayPal Credit. You can access free impartial money advice from The Money Advice Service at