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End-Point Assessor Course

Award in End-Point Assessment Principles and Practice

The End-Point Assessment course provides trainee and/or qualified assessors with a clear understanding of how the principles and practices of assessment in EPA, differ from ‘traditional’ vocational assessment. If you aren’t already a qualified assessor, then you will need our End-Point Assessor Course Bundle.

Key Features

Online Learning Course

Completely online learning

Verified CPD Course

Keeping you up to date

No Deadlines

Enrol and complete at any time

100% Pass Rate

100% chance of success

Unlimited Tutor Support

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EPA Assessor Course Description

Award in End-Point Assessment Principles and Practice

Become an End-Point Assessor
Exclusive Brooks & Kirk End-Point Assessment Qualification
6 Hours of Verified CPD
Online Study
End-Point Assessment Training (GA)

An End-Point Assessment is the final part of an Apprenticeship, assessed by an Independent End-Point Assessor. The purpose of this is to come to a decision on the competency levels of the Apprentice. Almost every End-Point Assessment out there requires the IEPA to hold a recognised assessor qualification, such as the CAVA, A1, or D32/33. A standard, recognised assessor qualification qualifies you to become an End-Point Assessor. There is not an accredited End-Point Assessor qualification that, alone, qualifies you to become an IEPA.

With that being said, non of the recognised assessor qualifications teach you how to End-Point Assess. This is due to the fact that End-Point Assessment is a newer feature to the assessing world, than the assessing qualifications. That’s why we at Brooks and Kirk designed and developed our very own exclusive End-Point Assessor training course.

The purpose of this course is to provide trainee and/or qualified assessors with a clear understanding of how the principles and practices of assessment in EPA, differ to ‘traditional’ vocational assessment. If you aren’t already a qualified assessor, then you will need our End-Point Assessor Course Bundle.

There are no formal entry requirements for our online EPA course. However, we highly recommend you are at least working towards you assessor qualification if you are not already a qualified Assessor.

You can enrol on this course at any time throughout the academic year. As with all of our courses at Brooks and Kirk, we don’t have set start and end dates. This means you can get started straight away, and finish as and when you need to. You will work through the entire course via our online learning system.

How Does the EPA Assessor Training Course Work?


Pay your enrolment feee and obtain access to the Virtual Learning Environment


Receive unlimited tutor support whilst you work through your assessor training course 


Upon completion of your End-Point Assessor course you will gain a verified CPD certificate

End-Point Assessment Training (GA)

What Will I Get From My Assessor Training?

Our exclusive End-Point Assessment CPD course offers a well-structured course specifically designed to enhance your knowledge of end-point assessment principles, methods, and techniques.

Throughout this course, participants will explore various assessment strategies tailored specifically for end-point assessments, develop adaptable approaches to meet the unique needs of different apprentices, and sharpen their communication and observation skills in the context of end-point assessments.

This CPD training ensures that you are well-prepared to effectively navigate the diverse challenges that may arise during the end-point assessment process.

Enrolling in our exclusive End-Point Assessment CPD course grants you access to a team of highly experienced trainers from Brooks and Kirk. These trainers, who possess extensive expertise in end-point assessments, will serve as your mentors throughout the course. They will guide you through the course, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge based on their industry experience.

By completing this course, you will develop a profound understanding of end-point assessment practices, enabling you to confidently apply your skills to real-world end-point assessment scenarios.

EPA Assessor Course Enrolment

Full Payment

6 Hours of Verified CPD
Unlimited Tutor Support
No Hidden Extra Costs
Flexible Start & End Dates

This is a verified CPD course and is not an accredited qualification with an awarding body such as SFJ Awards or Pearson Edexcel. Price includes receiving a physical copy of your verified CPD certificate upon completion. 

Trusted. Respected. Highly Recommended.

Learners are at the heart of our business. Join a cohort of over 2500+ people who have achieved the qualification of their dreams. Take a look at some of the brilliant reviews we have from our learners who completed a Brooks and Kirk course. 

Detailed Breakdown of the EPA Assessor Course

This online course will count as 6 hours of verified CPD for your CPD record. However, you can take as long as you need to complete it.

The course structure aims to provide a well-rounded learning experience that balances theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing individuals to become competent and confident end-point assessors.

End-Point Assessor Course Content

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Apprenticeships

In Lesson 1 we dive into the fundamental distinctions between the old Apprenticeship ‘Frameworks’ and the new ‘Standards.’ This lesson will provide a comprehensive overview of the changes that have taken place in the apprenticeship landscape and equip you with a clear understanding of the key differences between the two.

Lesson 2: Role and Responsibilities of an Independent-End-Point Assessor (IEPA)

Moving on to Lesson 2, you will build upon your understanding of the new Apprenticeship Standards. This lesson focuses on the pivotal role that Independent End-Point Assessors play within the context of new apprenticeships. You will gain insights into the specific responsibilities and duties associated with being an IEPA, empowering you to effectively fulfill your role in the assessment process.

Lesson 3: Assessment Plans & Grading

Lesson 3 delves into the unique aspects of assessment plans and grading in the context of an End-Point Assessment. Through this lesson, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these elements differ from traditional assessing methods. By exploring the intricacies of assessment plans and grading, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to assess apprentices’ performance accurately and fairly during their End-Point Assessment.

Lesson 4: Assessment Methods in End-Point Assessment

Building upon the previous lessons, Lesson 4 explores the varied assessment methods employed specifically for End-Point Assessments. This session emphasises the differences between the old and new Apprenticeships, highlighting assessment methods that are not covered in the NVQ Assessor course. By familiarizing yourself with these assessment methods, you will be well-prepared to employ a diverse range of techniques when assessing apprentices’ competency in their chosen occupation.

Lesson 5: End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs)

In Lesson 5 we provide you with crucial insights into the prospective employers for IEPAs. This lesson explores the role and responsibilities of End-Point Assessment Organisations, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of their functions and their significance in the assessment process. Understanding the EPAOs’ role is essential for IEPAs to effectively collaborate with these organisations and ensure a smooth assessment experience for apprentices.

Lesson 6: Mock End-Point Assessment

Lastly, in Lesson 6 you will have the opportunity to put theory into practice. This hands-on session involves grading two Mock End-Point Assessments, each consisting of three components. By engaging in this practical exercise, you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout the course, gaining valuable experience in assessing apprentices’ performance in a simulated End-Point Assessment scenario.

End-Point Assessment Knowledgebase

If you have any questions about End-Point Assessment, please see our End-Point Assessment FAQ page. On this page you will find answers to every End-Point Assessor related questions, from ‘What is End-Point Assessment?’ to ‘How can I find End-Point Assessment Organisations?’ Genuine solutions to for those who want to become Independent End-Point Assessors.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our end-point assessor course, or any of the other courses we offer here at Brooks and Kirk, please feel free to give our friendly team a call or send us an email. We’re open from 9am – 6.30pm Monday – Friday to answer your calls, and emails will be responded to within a maximum of one working day. There’s no obligations to sign up to the course, we’re more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch you can fill in the contact form below and we will respond to your query within one working day.


End-Point Assessment Training (GA)

Study Anywhere, Anytime

With Assessor Training delivered by Brooks and Kirk, you can complete your End-Point Assessment course from anywhere at any time. From the comfort of your own home in your dressing gown and slippers, to suited and booted on the train to work. As long as you have a computer or laptop and access to the internet, you can access hours of learning material and resources on our online learning system, Moodle.

Unlimited Course Support

Throughout your End-Point Assessor course, you will receive unlimited course support from our expert tutors. Support can be given via phone calls, emails, and video chats, as often as you need. The End-Point Assessment course has a 100% pass rate. Rest assured, there’s no chance of failure with Brooks and Kirk.

End-Point Assessment Training (GA)

Why Choose Brooks and Kirk?

25 Years of being TAQA Training Specialists

Brooks and Kirk have been delivering training for over 25 years. Now, we are the specialists in everything related to TAQA. From the days of the D32 assessor course, to the A1 assessor course, and in 2022 the CAVA assessor course, not to mention everything else in the TAQA suite of qualifications. In that time, we have been rated 5* stars across Google, Facebook and Trustpilot and have worked with thousands of individuals to achieve their desired qualification. We have also had the privilege to work with many organisations throughout the UK, including a huge variety of NHS Trusts, Universities, the Met Police, IBM, Food Standards Agency, and hundreds more.

End-Point Assessment Training (GA)