Becoming a Retail Assessor – Are you a Mo?

You may feel like you can relate to a man we know… working in Retail and sick of the same old 9-5? Wanting to put your retail knowledge and skills into practice by helping others? We may have just the career for you…

Are you a Mo?

Mo (Formally known as Mohamed) is a family man. He lives with his wife, Maya and has two children who live locally. His Daughter called Amira, she’s 25 and a son called Imran, who is 30. Mo is also a dog lover and has 2 Labradors one called Buster and the other called Billy. He enjoys spending all his spare time being outdoors, come rain or shine. Whether that’s taking the dogs for a walk down around the woods or off out golfing with his friends.

9 – 5 and the rest…

Mo is a Manager of a store for a fairly high-end international clothing brand. He has worked in retail for 37 years now, starting in the industry at 18 years old. Over the years Mo has climbed up the Retail ladder from gaining his Level 3 NVQ in Retail to completing his Level 5 in Management. This has opened up more doors and opportunities for him, which is why he has been a Store Manager for various brands over the past 30 years. Although he loves Retail, the hours can sometimes be inconvenient… Especially when Mo has to work Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years because of the festive sales. This means he misses out on valuable family time! Therefore he would like something with hours that suit him.

Goodbye frontline Retail

As Mo has been working in Retail for so long he has seen many different eager beavers who want to learn more about Retail. This ranges from people doing a week of work experience or even doing a 2 yearlong apprenticeship. He enjoys these aspects of his job as he loves to help people and give out as much of his knowledge as he can.

Once, one of the Assessors visited to observe an Apprentice and as Mo was the manager he decided he wanted to sit in on the observation just out of curiosity. As the observation went on Mo wasn’t happy with the standards of the Assessor. So he asked a little bit more about day to day life as an Assessor and how to become one. This was purely because he wanted to see if he could become an assessor and assess people to a higher quality due to not being happy with the Assessor on that day.

The Assessing Life

At first, Mo didn’t pursue a career in assessing but as a couple of years went on he decided to gain his Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. Now he travels around his local county assessing learners in a variety of different Retail backgrounds. This means no more work over the festive period and more time to spend home with the family!

So, are you a Mo?

If you would like more information about the Assessor Course or would like to speak to a member of our team, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on;

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