1. Adrian Oldfield
    January 26, 2015 @ 11:01 am

    My company launched an e-Learning Food Safety and Basic Health and Safety platform in association with the CIEH in 1997. At the time it was received very well as there was a significant amount of tutor contact (mainly due to the fact the courses were funded by the then FEFC), the tutor contact meant that candidates were driven to completion, and thats one of the problems with e-Learning, candidate motivation.

    There will never be a learning style that suits everyone but I do believe that e-learning is about to come of age. The graphics involved with modern courses and connectability via Skype etc are making e-Learning fun as well as functional.

    I suspect that as technology advances we will see more virtual learning environments and with 3D printers we can expect to see technical qualifications coming on board too! But probably most exciting, is how e-Learning can include hard to reach, remote communities like those in parts of Africa, China and developing countries.

    I doubt any of us would recognise the world of e-Learning in ten years, I for one can’t wait!


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