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  1. Tony
    November 24, 2015 @ 10:15 pm

    The numbers of young peolpe entering apprenticeships will continue to fall while schools act out of self interest and continue to place bums on seats’ to the detriment of their pupils. Traineeships are not the answer for 16 plus young peolpe, they would be for 14-16 year olds. Why wait until school has bored and failed some of our young peolpe? Ofsted surveys have shown just how effective good link programmes were for this age group who became turned on to vocational education. We all knew that the wording in legislation of that schools should’ give impartial careers advice would lead to this. My son’s outstanding school is going to have a chef’s academy for year 12 doing NVQs in catering with no job and pupils having to pay for the food they use. If they gave impartial careers advice the kids would all be going onto apprenticeships or Westminster College, not wasting yet another year of their lives playing’ at learning a vocation. There needs to be national careers advice linked to work experience that is relevant to what young peolpe want to do, not what the school can arrange, but which is generally totally irrelevant to the interest of their pupils. These messages have been given again and again to civil servants and their implementation would make a big difference to the work ethic and determination to train of our young peolpe.


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