Getting Back To Work After Christmas

If you’re lucky, you’ve spent the last two weeks doing nothing except consuming a lot of food and drink and browse the sales. But we’ve all got to face it now; Christmas is over. Whether you’ve started working again this week or are waiting for Monday morning to come around, there’s nothing easy about that first day back at work after Christmas. In fact, there’s nothing easy about the first week back.

Aaaaand now we’re back in the real world.

The First Morning

That first day back at work when you wake up and it’s still dark and feels like the middle of the night can throw us out of sync. All the jollies of Christmas are over, and that alone is enough to put a downer on your mood. But now your alarm is going off every 10 minutes, and no matter how many times you hit snooze, you do have to get out of your duvet cocoon and go to work.

So you force yourself to get in the shower, and you’re stood there thinking about all the nice things you could do if you had just one more day off. Like getting back into your comfy clothes, finishing off all the Christmas leftovers and sweets. You make a mental note to remind yourself to get a lottery ticket. It’s a morning of very wishful thinking.

After getting out the shower and sitting in your towel for the absolute maximum time possible, you decide it would be a good idea to get dressed. You immediately regret this when you can’t do the top button up on your trousers. You act shocked despite knowing how much food you have eaten for the past two weeks, and how much mulled wine you’ve guzzled. Oh dear.

Just to top your morning off, your drive to work is pleasantly quiet. At least something is going right! Until you suddenly realise, that the reason the roads are so quiet is that everyone except for you is still in bed.

Right, STOP. Now is the time to stop wallowing in pity and realise that you cannot possibly spend the rest of your days eating endless tubes of Pringles whilst watching film after film. Time to prepare for what’s ahead.

Time To Focus

Focus on the year and opportunities ahead, and remind yourself why you enjoy your job!

Plan It Out

If you thought ahead and knew you would feel like this in January, now’s a good time to look at that ‘To-Do’ list you made back in December. However, if you didn’t make one, this situation is still salvageable. Think about the day ahead and what you need to do. If you’re at a complete loss, a good starting point is to check your work emails. Reply to all necessary messages and clean your inbox up. Decide on a few things you want to achieve before the week is out. Take time to make a list to help manage the priorities for the days ahead.

Now take a look at your diary, and see what you’ve got planned for the month ahead. Have you got any scheduled visits to learners, or do you still need to pencil some in? Plan your visits now, and then everything else can work around this accordingly.

Change It Up

It is a brand new year after all, so why not treat yourself to a bit of a change around. This could be as simple as changing your computer screen background, putting some new photos up or buying some new stationary to use. It’s surprising, but, such a little change can actually give you the positivity and motivation that you need.

Push yourself a little bit further than you think you can possibly go, but don’t take ‘changing it up’ as a way to reinvent yourself. This is especially the case if your change is a diet. Massive crash-diet weight loss programmes are more often than not doomed to fail. Just take the new year as an opportunity to better something about yourself. Anything!

Reflect On The Festive Period 

As mentioned before, we can all too easily get caught up in the negative mindset of ‘I need another week off, there are still things I want and need to do before I go back to work!’  To rid yourself of this damaging mood, take a moment to reflect on what you did and enjoyed over Christmas.  This will make you feel more grateful for, and appreciate your time off.

Talk To Colleagues

Once everyone has got back into ‘work mode’ and dealt with their urgent tasks, organise a catch-up meeting.  This will help you to understand your colleagues’ aspirations for work this year and if necessary, help you to delegate more effectively with what they wish to achieve. You can all support each other, and you’re always happy to support them when they take time off. So take this opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same wavelength! 

Remember that everyone is in the same boat. Some people even went back to work earlier than you. Only Santa can get away without making a to-do list until next December rolls around!

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