Why The Awarding Body Matters When Choosing a Training Provider

One extremely important factor that should always be considered when looking into which training provider/college to choose for accredited training, is the awarding body that they use. At Brooks and Kirk for example, we have been an approved centre with the awarding organisation Pearson Edexcel for about 20 years now. “Why does this matter?” I hear you say. Well, you are just about to find out.

pearson-edexcel-approved-centre-training-providerPearson Edexcel happens to be one of, if not the most expensive awarding organisation in the education sector. But for a very good reason. In return for paying above average, we have the opportunity to deliver from the most detailed qualification specifications out there. There is also bucket loads of guidance for assessors when it comes to delivering and assessing Pearson Edexcel’s qualifications. This means that ourselves and any other learning providers delivering their qualifications, have the opportunity to use this guidance and their detailed specifications to ensure that qualifications are not only being delivered correctly, but also that the quality of training being delivered is of the highest standard.

Another huge benefit that learners can gain from choosing a training provider that uses a reputable and experienced awarding organisation, is simply having their branding on their certificate at the end of their course. Not only is ‘Pearson’ a big brand nationally, but they are even an internationally recognised awarding body. This means that a certificate with their name on will hold weight wherever your career takes you.

We aren’t for one moment saying that just because a training provider is using a large well known awarding body like Pearson or City and Guilds that you can be absolutely sure you will be receiving top end training. Likewise, we’re not saying that if a training provider uses an awarding organisation that isn’t well-known and has only been around for a few years, then you can expect the quality of training to be of a lower standard. What we are saying is that finding out the awarding body is one of the more important things you should make sure you do when choosing a training provider. You shouldn’t use this factor alone to decide which provider to go with, but it should definitely be an important part of the process.

If you would like to find out more about what you should look out for when choosing a training provider, then please don’t hesitate in giving us a call. We don’t charge anything for good advice! Also, you may find our last post about recognising money motivated courses worth a read.

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