Who are End-Point Assessment Organisations?

So by now, you know what End-Point Assessments are. And, you’ve probably heard of End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs); but may not exactly know who they are. We’re going to have a look into this, and also find out what End-Point Assessment Organisations actually do…

Who are End-Point Assessment Organisations?

Awarding Bodies, Training Providers, and Professional Bodies can become EPAOs. Each of these organisations must be registered on the EPAO register before they can carry out Independent End-Point Assessments with Apprentices. So, once approved and registered by the Government, any of the 3 groups can become an EPAO.

It’s important to know that only the organisations that are on the register are eligible to take part in the Apprentice’s End-Point Assessment. Whilst there might be a number of different people/organisations that are involved in the End-Point Assessment, only the EPAO needs to be listed on the register.

What exactly do End-Point Assessment Organisations do?

EPAOs are completely independent from the rest of the Apprentice’s NVQ. Their main responsibility is making sure that Apprentices’ all receive the same standards in their End-Point Assessments. So, in line with the assessment plan, EPA’s responsibilities are, to name a few:

  • Design and develop the content of the End-Point Assessment;
  • Check and verify that the Apprentice has completed any essential elements prior to the End-Point Assessment, including any mandatory qualifications;
  • Carry out End-Point Assessments of Apprentices;
  • Quality assure the End-Point Assessment they deliver;
  • Stick to the external quality assurance arrangements;
  • Make sure that End-Point Assessment is synoptic and independent;
  • Identify and record when the Apprentice has passed the End-Point Assessment.

So, that’s summed up who End-Point Assessment Organisation are, and what they do. Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we’ll explain how you can find an End-Point Assessment Organisation…

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