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All Webinars


Who is this Webinar for?

Literally, anyone.

As long as you are interested in vocational assessment in some capacity, this webinar will be of benefit to you.

What is covered in this webinar?

We start by taking a look at the essential FAQs that everyone will need to know the answers to; What is End-Point Assessment? What does EPA involve? Etc.

After we have gone through the basics we then move on to clear up some confusion by discussing a few common misconceptions people have with EPA.

Finally, we put the attendees in the driving seat. We open up the floor to our webinar attendees to ask any questions they may have and answer them there and then.

So, in a nutshell, we cover a bit of everything in this webinar.

What are the benefits of attending this webinar?

  • Free 40 minutes of CPD for trainee and qualified assessors;
  • Discover new employment opportunities;
  • Understand how EPA will/could impact your role.

Getting Started with EPA

Who is this Webinar for?

Anyone who is completely new to End-Point Assessment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced and qualified assessor or even completely new to assessment altogether. If you have come across ‘End-Point Assessment’ (EPA) and just want to get a basic understanding as to what is all about, this webinar is ideal for you.

What is covered in this webinar?

Here’s a breakdown of what the agenda for our ‘Getting Started with EPA’ webinar looks like:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The New Apprenticeship Model
  • Introduction to EPA
  • How does the role of an IEPA differ to that of a ‘traditional’ Assessor?
  • What you need to become an IEPA
  • Q&A

What are the benefits of attending this webinar?

  • 1 Hour Free CPD for trainee and qualified assessors;
  • Discovery of new employment opportunities;
  • Gain a thorough understanding in the ‘new’ Apprenticeship model;
  • Gain a thorough understanding in the importance of Apprenticeships.

Never attended a webinar before?

Don’t worry, they are simple, quick and easy to get involved with.

A webinar is exactly as it sounds; a seminar but on the web. The only difference being, we can’t see or hear you, but you can see and hear us.

Live Webinars

For anyone attending a live webinar, you will have access to a live interactive chat, whereby you can share your thoughts or ask questions.

Joining a live webinar is easy. All you will need is a device with an internet connection. You will then be able to use a link (that will be emailed to you after registration) to join a waiting room on the day of the webinar. Once you’re in the waiting room, you just need to wait for the webinar to begin. 

On-Demand Webinars

If you register for one of our Webinars On-Demand, then the interactive chat feature will not be available. This webinar will be a recording of a previous Live Webinar. 

Watching an On-Demand Webinar couldn’t be easier. After registering using the form above, you will be redirected to a page where you will just need to enter your email again. Once you have done this, you will be sent an email with the link to watch the webinar wherever and whenever you want.

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