Why Choose Us?

It can be difficult choosing an assessor training provider when there are so many out there claiming they are delivering the course for you. But if you want one good reason why you should choose Brooks and Kirk, then we will give you five!

Flexible Learning


No one likes being told when and where they have to learn. That is why our unique online learning system allows learners to work through their assessor course anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have no set start or end dates on our assessor courses. That means you can get started on your course as soon as possible and this could be as quick as today! Furthermore, because we don’t do end dates, the duration of your assessor course is entirely down to you. So, whether you’re looking at completing it in 5 weeks or 5 months, Brooks and Kirk can help you. 

If you would like to find out more about how our assessor courses are delivered then please head over to our course breakdown page. Or you can just request a call back and we will give you a call to have a chat with you about any questions you might have.


Access to the Learners to Assess


In order to meet all of the criteria for the CAVA or the ACWE, you need to assess two candidates in a work environment. You will find that the majority of assessor training providers will require you to have access to the learners to assess. But not all… At Brooks and Kirk, we can provide you with access to the candidates to assess as part of your assessor training course. And don’t worry, this is at no extra cost as well. 


You Choose your Awarding Body

Rather than us tell you who your assessor qualification will be accredited by, how about you choose your awarding body? At Brooks and Kirk, we are an approved centre with both Pearson Edexcel and Industry Qualifications.

Both of these are nationally recognised awarding organisations so regardless of who you choose you will receive exactly the same quality of training and exactly the same qualification on completion. So you may be wondering, ‘well what is the difference between the two?’ If this is the case, then you should find our post on ‘Why the awarding body matters‘ useful.


The Most Flexible Instalment Plans

registration fee

We don’t have set instalment plans. You design your own Direct Debit!

It’s simple, you get started on your course for just £50, then you can choose how many months you would like to space out your remaining course fee. Furthermore, you can also choose at what time of the month you would like your payments to go out. Setup your instalment plan and get started today! 


10 Day Free Trial

CAVA and AET Free Trial

Brooks and Kirk are the only assessor training provider in the country that offer a free trial on their assessor course. The vast majority of people who look into becoming an assessor are extremely cautious when it comes to deciding which provider they can trust. We thought, what better way to prove to perspective NVQ assessors that they can trust us, than to offer them a free trial of our online learning system.

Find out what you will get as part of your 10 Day Free Trial.