Why do people become NVQ assessors?


Thousands of people across the country are currently training to become NVQ assessors. Although these to-be NVQ assessors will all have different backgrounds and competencies, a lot of them will share one thing in common, and that’s the reasoning for why they chose to train as NVQ assessors. We have listed below the most common reasons for why people train to become assessors.

If you feel like you can relate to any of the reasons below, then maybe training to become an NVQ assessor is something you would like to find out more about

New kid, new career

It’s very common for parents who have been out of work for a long time to look for a more flexible career, so that they can fit their work life around their personal life rather than vice versa. The flexibility that a career as a freelance NVQ assessor can offer is very appealing to most people who still want to be spending a lot of time with their children, but without the drop in income. Freelance assessors can carry out knowledge based assessments anywhere at any time. This means that the only time they really have to leave the comfort of their own home is to carry out competency based assessments at the learners workplace. 


Thankfully the number of redundancies are significantly down on what they were 5 years ago but sadly there are still a significant number of people every month who face redundancy and need to find a new career. For a lot of people, training up as an NVQ assessor is a logical career move. This is because there are only two things that you need to become an assessor; occupational competence and your assessor qualification. If you have had years of experience working in a certain role and even picked up some qualifications along the way, then that’s the occupational competence box ticked. All that is left then, is to get your assessor qualification. Once you have completed your assessor course, you are in a position to start applying for jobs as an NVQ assessor, of which there are many.

Something different

Quite a lot of our learners chose to become an assessor just because they felt like they wanted to do something different. For a lot of people, if they have been working in one sector for 10, 20 or even 30 years, the thought of starting a fresh career using the experience they have built up over the years can be very exciting and appealing. For instance, if you have been working as a chef for 20 years, then it could be the case that you would like to spend a bit more time outside of the kitchen, helping others to develop their career by using the knowledge and skills you have gained from your experience. 

In-house assessing

Not everyone looks to train to become an NVQ assessor for a ‘new start’, some are just looking to build on their existing role within their organisation. An increasing amount of organisations are now using in-house assessors to train up their workforce, as oppose to bringing in assessors from external training providers. If you would like to find out more about in-house assessing then our In-house assessing for your organisation post should be worth a read.


For others, starting a career as an assessor is more a need than a want. We have spoken to quite a few to-be assessors who were experienced in the construction trade. They felt that whilst their brains were still extremely competent within the construction sector, their bodies weren’t quite in peak physical condition. So they were looking to take a step away from the hands-on side of the sector and move more towards the training side. If you have been working in a physically demanding industry for years and feel like you aren’t as competent as what you once were with the physical side of your job role, then maybe training to be an NVQ assessor will be ideal for you. 


Whatever your motivation, or your reasoning, Brooks and Kirk are here to help you build your NVQ assessing career.

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