What is TEA and why is it important to me?


Technology Enhanced Assessment is essentially the term used to describe Assessment processes that involve the use of technology. TEA is now a big part of the vast majority of Further Education courses.


Over the years more and more training organisations have found ways to incorporate the use of technology in the assessment of their students. Whether it be the initial assessment or providing feedback, technology can be used at practically every step of the assessment process. That’s why, if you are an aspiring NVQ Assessor, it is important that you are familiar with the resources that are available to you when it comes to assessing learners.

 Assessor Training Technology


NVQ Assessors can do their job from anywhere in the world now! Laptops, tablets and smartphones are all devices that can be used by assessors to set work, monitor progress and provide feedback. There are online learning systems like Moodle and OneFile that can be used to assess learners online. This rise in technology has enabled both assessing and learning to become more flexible. Most students will now expect online learning to be acceptable in order to allow them to fit their learning in around their own time, which is why it is important for you as a trainee assessor to get accustomed to Technology Enhanced Assessment. 


If you would like any help or advice from an experienced Assessor on using technology in assessment, then please don’t hesitate in giving us a call.