Let the referrals do the talking

Let the referrals do the talking

referred assessor course

It can be difficult to know who to trust when it comes to choosing a provider for training you to become an NVQ assessor. But if you are referred to a company by friends or family, then you can already trust that company more so than anyone else that you may find on the internet. So when we say that;

76% of the trainee assessors currently completing their assessor qualification with us were referred to us. 

We can guarantee you that you are in safe and professional hands when you train with Brooks and Kirk. But don’t just take that from us, have a listen to what our learners are saying on our feedback videos


Earning for Referring

If you are reading this post having either enrolled onto, or completed an assessor course with ourselves and you think you may know someone who could be interested in training to become an assessor, then please fill in the referral form below. In case enjoying your experience with Brooks and Kirk isn’t a good enough reason to refer us, we do also offer £50 per referral. Please feel free to give us a call to find out more about how our £50 referral fees work.

Why should your company have in-house assessors?

in-house assessors benefit for business


Save Money | Quality Relevant Training | More Productive Workforce 


special offer in house assessor training.fw These are just three of the benefits that thousands of companies nationwide are now gaining as a result of having in-house NVQ assessors. Whether you run a construction company, hair salon, call centre or a care home, in-house assessors could have a lot to contribute towards your company’s growth. 

If this is the first time you have heard about in-house assessors then it may be worth giving us a call so that we can talk you through what the role of an in-house assessor is and how your company would benefit from having your own. You can either call us on 01205 805 155 or request a callback and we will get in touch with you within 1 working day. 

There has never been a better time to start training up members of your staff to become in-house assessors either! As you can see from the special offer, for October we are offering discounted prices for our in-house assessor training packages. We could even deliver our unique, bespoke courses at your centre. Find out more about our tailored in-house assessor courses on our In-house Assessor Training Information page. 

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Carry on growing your business with in-house assessors

in-house assessors benefit for business


If your company has carried on growing since the last time you trained up members of staff to become in-house assessors, then there has never been a better time to train up some more. 


special offer in house assessor training.fwAre you one of the 97%? If so, then you will already understand the benefits that in-house assessors can bring to a company. So we aren’t going to write an entire page selling the benefits of in-house assessor training to you. Instead, we want to help you to carry on growing your business by providing you with a quality, bespoke training course that will qualify more members of your team to deliver relevant in-house training. 

Whilst you should be able to find all the information you need for our in-house assessor courses on our assessor training website, we would love to have a chat with you to discuss how we can help you to grow your business. You don’t even need to call us, you can just request a callback and we will call you within 1 working day. Alternatively, you can speak to someone straight away by calling: 01205 805 155

If you were to take advantage of our October Special Offer for our in-house assessor training courses then you could even get your employees trained as in-house NVQ assessors ready for the new year! Even better still, if you have over 10 employees which you are looking to train up to become in-house assessors, then we can run a dedicated course just for your company. Find out more about our bespoke in-house assessor courses on our In-house Assessor Training Information page

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In-House Assessor Training

At Brooks and Kirk, we have trained members of staff to become in-house assessors in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, construction, hair and beauty, call centres and much more. The role of an in-house assessor is becoming increasingly common now that more organisations are realising the benefits that can be gained from training in-house assessors. 

in-house assessor training

What makes our in-house assessor courses different?

> Bespoke.

Over 10 learners – If you have 10 or more employees which you would like to train up to become in-house assessors, then we could run a dedicated course for your business at a venue (Boston, Manchester or London) and date of your choice.

Over 20 learners – If you have 20 or more employees that need their assessors qualification, then not only can we deliver a course dedicated to your business, but we can even deliver the workshops at your centre.

> Experienced.

We have over 20 years experience in delivering tailored, high-quality assessor courses. Over the years, we have gone from training a couple of in-house assessors in a care home in Lincolnshire, to delivering completely bespoke assessor training courses nationwide to companies of all sizes and sectors.

> Flexible.

Whether you’re a construction firm, hair salon, care home or a call centre, we can train employees within your business to become in-house assessors. Even better still, because we don’t have set start and end dates, your trainee in-house assessors can start their course at any time.

What are the benefits of having in-house assessors?

> Cut Down Costs.

One of the biggest benefits from having in-house assessors is that they can help to bring the cost of vocational training down. We have worked with healthcare agencies, construction sites and hairdressing salons that have set up internal training divisions within their organisations. Obviously, this would mean there would no longer be a need to outsource training from external learning providers. Consequently, companies with in-house assessors will save thousands of pounds in the long run by keeping all their training in-house.

> Quality, Relevant in-house Training.

If you were looking to train a member of staff, you would want their training to be as relevant to their job role and your business as possible. So, who would be better placed to deliver that training than someone who has years of experience working in your business? The beauty of having in-house assessors is that they will know the organisation like the back of their hand. Combine this experience with our highly recommended assessor courses and you will find that the training your workforce receives will be of the highest quality.

> More Productive Workforce.

Inevitably, with high-quality training, comes highly skilled employees. It has been proven time after time, that in-house assessors can drive the productivity of the workforce. The reasoning for this is simple. Because the training that members of staff receive from in-house assessors is more relevant, they will tend to develop their skills and organisational knowledge much quicker than someone who was trained at the local college. 

We have provided companies of all sizes with training for their employees to become in-house assessors. It doesn’t matter if you are an SME or a multi-national company, in-house assessors can contribute a lot to your company’s growth. Please get in touch with us to find out more about our in-house assessor training courses by calling us on 01205 805 155, or by submitting a callback request.

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Special Offer for In-house Assessor Training


Let’s get down to business.

Presumably, if you just want to see what our exclusive special offer is for our in-house assessor courses, then you are probably already aware of the benefits that businesses can gain from having in-house assessors. So, let’s cut to the chase and talk numbers…

First of all, phone numbers. If you just want to have a chat to find out what we can offer your business, then please call us on 01205 805 155, or get us to give you a call by requesting a callback.

Exclusive Special Offer In-house assessor training

We can assure you, that you won’t find another NVQ assessor training provider who will be able to tailor an entire assessor course to your company’s needs. If you would like to find out more about what our courses involve or what sets them apart from other in-house assessor training courses, then you can either contact us or have a read of our ‘In-House Assessor Training‘ information page. 

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1 Year, 34 Posts and over 300 trainee assessors!

1 Year, 34 Posts and over 300 trainee assessors!

Assessor Training Posts

It’s been just over a year since we set up our own dedicated assessor training website. Well, 1 year, 2 weeks and 6 days to be precise! To mark the beginning of a new academic year, we thought we would reflect on a whole year’s worth of articles in one post. For anyone who is currently training to become an assessor, or looking at beginning their training to become an assessor, you may find that a few of our posts could be worth a read.

Whether you would like to make sure that you are choosing the right assessor qualification, find out what all the confusing acronyms are about in assessor job vacancies or if you are just curious about what a career as an NVQ assessor might entail, we have a post that was published with you in mind. 

We have cherry picked some of the most interesting (in our minds) and most useful posts from the 14/15 academic year. Happy reading!


Free PTLLS16/10/2014

The New PTLLS Qualification for FREE!

At this point, it was only a month ago since the old PTLLS award had been completely taken over by the Level 3 Award in Education and Training. We have been offering the level 3 tutor training qualification for free as part of our assessor courses ever since. 

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Assessor Training Technology11/11/2014

What is TEA and why is it important to me?

Yes, cups of tea are very important in a working day. But, that wasn’t the tea we were referring to here. Technology Enhanced Assessment (TEA) is extremely important within the modern day role of an NVQ assessor. Which is why we thought it would be very handy for our current and perspective trainee assessors to be aware of what it is, so that they could be ahead of the game. 

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linked newly qualified assessors04/12/2014

The importance of LinkedIn to newly trained Assessors

If you know what LinkedIn is already, then you will probably already know why it is so important that all newly trained NVQ assessors get themselves on there. If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, then it’s a good job we did this post for you to find out what it is and get yourself on there.

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matrix accreditation11/12/2014

Matrix Accreditation

Early December last year we were accredited with the Matrix standard. For anyone who is new to the world of teaching and training, Matrix accreditation will probably be completely alien to you. Find out why it’s reassuring to know that Brooks and Kirk have received Matrix accreditation. 

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Assessor shadowing wordcloud


Inexperienced Assessors Gaining Experience

“How am I supposed to gain experience in assessing, when so many assessor vacancies are asking for ‘experienced’ assessors?” We have been asked this question on many occasions, so we thought we would make anyone new to the sector aware of what shadowing an assessor involves.

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Mid-April saw us introduce the CertSelfie. We are still asking every learner to send in their CertSelfie once they have finished their training. If you have trained with us and not sent us in a selfie of you with your certificate, find out what you are missing out on!

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Make sure you choose the right assessor qualification

Very few people are aware of the name of the most current assessor qualifications. Even fewer are aware of which one it is that they need in order to become a fully qualified NVQ assessor. Because of this, we thought we would do this post to make sure that everyone is aware of which course it is that they need to do.

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24+ advanced learning loan25/06/2015

Tell me more about the 24+ Loan…

There were very few people that had heard about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan before they called us up or stumbled across it on our website. We thought maybe a quick question and answer post would help to give people interested in funding their assessor training a better idea of exactly what the loan involves.

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In-house assessing for your organisation

What have Dental nurse practices, Care homes, Construction companies and even Restaurants all got in common? They all use in-house assessors! If in-house assessing is new to you, we wrote this post with you in mind. 

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A1 TAQA D32 D322 Assessor Qualification20/08/2015

Making Sense of NVQ Assessor Job Vacancies

If you have only just started looking at becoming an assessor then you wouldn’t be the first person to find it incredibly difficult to work out exactly what it is that you need in order to become a fully qualified assessor. That is why we thought we would clear any confusion by explaining it in black and white.

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And that bring us to where we are today! Whilst we like to think that we have probably answered any questions that you may have had in one of our posts over the last year, it will probably be quicker to just give us a call and have a chat with a member of our team. 

contact details.fw



In-house assessing for your organisation


What have Dental nurse practices, Care homes, Building firms and even Restaurants all got in common?

They all use in-house assessors!

It’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses across all sectors to train members of staff to become in-house assessors. If this is the first you have heard of the concept of ‘in-house assessing’ then it could definitely be worth finding out what it involves and whether or not your organisation could benefit from an in-house assessor. 

What does an in-house assessor do?

An in-house assessor is someone that works within a business and is qualified to assess members of staff within their business. They will be able to carry out observations on members of staff completing their NVQ’s. 

What are the benefits of having an in-house assessor?

Training up a member of staff to be an in-house assessor can be beneficial both for the business and the in-house assessor. 

Having someone within an organisation that is qualified to assess members of staff completing their NVQ’s means that the organisation wouldn’t have to have an external assessor come in from the training provider that is delivering the NVQ’s. Effectively, this means that all the training for members of staff within an organisation can take place internally. This is beneficial for any members of staff that are being trained up, because they will have someone who knows the organisation inside-out taking them through their course; effectively this means that the training delivered to the workforce will be more tailored to the business itself. 

As for the in-house assessor, not only would there be a few more pennies in the bank at the end of the month, but it is also very useful for future career progression opportunities. In-house assessors will tend to earn slightly more than their respective colleagues who aren’t qualified to assess, simple because they can assist with the training up of the workforce. 


Whether you are an employer considering training up members of staff to become in-house assessors, or if you yourself are looking at becoming an in-house assessor, our course information page will help you to find out what’s involved with our assessor courses. 


The success to ‘Being More Dog’ was in the training!

be more dog in-house trainingThe online marketing news magazine, Marketing posted an article about the success of O2’s ‘Be More Dog’ marketing campaign earlier this week. The entire article is discussing their extremely successful innovative ‘Be More Dog’ marketing campaign using in-house training.

Be more dog…

As part of the campaign, they trained up 600 members of staff in various departments. This training ranged from members of staff in the call centres all the way through to the legal department. All members of staff were trained to ‘Be More Dog’ when dealing with customers. 

It was revealed yesterday that O2 have gained 138,000 new customers in the first quarter of 2015. This is the fourth successive quarter that they have seen a positive growth in their customer base. Is O2’s increase in customer base and profits a result of them training up 600 members of staff to act in line with their ‘Be More Dog’ marketing strategy? It maybe isn’t the only reason, but we certainly believe that it had a very big part to play. 

This is just one example of how beneficial training members of staff can be for businesses. More and more companies now have members of staff that deliver in-house training. If you deliver in-house training for your organisation, or you’re an employer that is looking at training up a member of staff to deliver in-house training then our Assessor Training Courses should be ideal. 

Please have a look at our Assessor Course information page or give us a call to find out more!


New A1 Assessor Qualification

Why are so many people choosing Brooks and Kirk for their Assessor Training?


> Two Qualifications, One Course

Brooks and Kirk are one of the few assessor training providers that can offer you the two highly regarded assessor and tutor training qualifications together as part of one course. On completion of our assessor course, you would achieve the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (Formerly A1) and the Level 3 Award in Education and Training

> Funding

You can completely cover the cost of your course with a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. Alternatively, if you’re looking at self-funding the course, then you could save £100

> Experience

Brooks and Kirk have over 20 years experience in delivering assessor courses. We were delivering assessor training when it was the D32/33, we were delivering assessor qualifications when it was the A1 and we are still delivering courses now that it’s the CAVA. 

> Bespoke

Our highly recommended Assessor courses are ideal for anyone that is looking for a professionally delivered course with that friendly, personalised feel. We are a family grown provider that is focussed on delivering quality, not quantity. We deliver our assessor courses through blended learning. This means that the majority of the training is delivered online. How is this beneficial for you? Well, not only can you start as soon as you like, but the duration of the duration of the course is also down to you. 

Find out more about our unique assessor courses

It’s always better to speak to someone. If you would like to have a chat with us regarding our assessor courses then you can either give us a call on 01205 805 155, or request a callback and we will get in contact with you within one working day. 

Please provide your contact details below and a dedicated member of our team will call you within one working day.

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CAVA, D Units, A1, TAQA?


With so many different websites talking about Assessor Training it can often get very confusing as to which course is the right one for you. One of the main reasons for this is that too many pages do not get updated frequently enough, so the information is old and out of date. Fear not though, Brooks and Kirk are here to clear your mind of any confusion. We’re going to take you through all of the assessor qualifications that have existed to date.

It all began with the…

D units

D32: Assess candidate performance
This unit covered: assessment planning; judging both performance and knowledge; making assessment decisions and providing feedback. The assessment skills that learners needed to demonstrate included the assessment of natural performance, simulation and questioning.

D33: Assess candidate using different sources of evidence.
This unit covered everything that is included within the D22 unit plus more. When it came to assessing candidates, the trainee assessors were required to demonstrate all of the following assessment methods: assessment of natural performance, simulation, questioning, candidate and peer reports, projects and assignments and assessment of prior achievement and learning.

 horizontal line.fw

The D32/D33 Units were the first assessor qualifications. They ceased to exist many years ago and were replaced with the…

horizontal line 2.fw

A1 Award

Assessing Candidates Using a Range of Methods
The A1 Award was a single unit divided into four parts and was for anybody who was involved with assessing learners taking National Vocational Qualifications, a programme of training in skills, techniques and principles of assessing competency using a variety of assessment methods.

 horizontal line.fw

Then came along December 2010, when the A1 Award was replaced with a new qualification…

horizontal line 2.fw

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

The L3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) forms part of the latest suite of Assessor Qualifications. The CAVA is the only qualification that will qualify you to the same level as the A1 Award. It has three units:

Unit 1 – Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
Unit 2 – Assess occupational competence in the work environment
Unit 3 – Assess vocational skills,knowledge and understanding


So that’s it a brief history of Assessor Training qualifications.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you say, “you’ve missed off TAQA.”

The reason for that is simple. TAQA is not an assessor qualification! TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) is used by various awarding bodies, including City and Guilds, to cover all of the assessing and quality assurance qualifications. So, CAVA forms part of TAQA. Notice we say assessing qualifications because CAVA isn’t the only assessor qualification under the TAQA umbrella. It is, however, the most highly regarded assessor qualification and it is effectively the equivalent of the old A1 award. You can find out more about the rest of the qualifications on our Assessor Qualifications page

If you are still struggling to get your head around this whole TAQA thing, the easiest way to get to grips with this is to just think about the Business Skills suite of qualifications. Within Business Skills, you would have the likes of business administration, customer service, team leading etc. If you wanted to do an NVQ in Customer Service for example, you wouldn’t be looking for ‘The Business Skills course’. Instead, you would be looking for something like ‘NVQ courses in Customer Service’. So next time when you see training companies or job vacancies talking about ‘The TAQA Course’, just remember, the likelihood is that they are in fact referring to the CAVA.  

If you are still a little bit confused, then not to worry! Just get in touch and we will make sure that it all becomes clear.

P: 01205 805 155

E: sam@brooksandkirk.co.uk