Inexperienced Assessors Gaining Experience

Assessor shadowing wordcloud experience

If you are a newly-trained NVQ Assessor and you have been looking at what job opportunities are around, you may have seen that a lot of the vacancies are asking for something that you might not have… 

Experience. Not all NVQ Assessor vacancies, but too many say that applicants should ideally have experience. This makes it incredibly difficult for some people to break into this sector. How can newly-trained NVQ Assessors be able to gain experience if they need the experience to get a job? Well, there is an option available to anyone who finds themselves in this position.

Assessor shadowing

Assessor shadowing is an ideal way to gain experience with genuine assessments in the workplace. If shadowing is something that you’re not familiar with, it basically involves voluntarily observing a qualified, experienced assessor carrying out assessments with a learner. This would enable the individual who is doing the shadowing to become more familiar with what an assessment should look like. 

There are plenty of training organisations out there happy for a newly-trained assessor to shadow their assessors. It doesn’t cost the organisation anything. Also, it’s a good way to get your name out there to start developing relationships with learning providers. 

Shadowing an NVQ Assessor could be what gets you that job that would of otherwise been out of reach.