Person Centred Training over Money Motivated Training


Deadlines, some people like having them so that they can put pressure on themselves to get work done. However, the vast majority of people despise them and will avoid having them at all if possible.

If you are in that majority and looking to do a training course to help you progress in your career or even start a new career, it’s fairly unlikely that you would want that added pressure of a deadline on top of your existing work commitments. Now imagine, you are on a training course that has a deadline AND if you don’t finish before that deadline, then you will have to pay more money to be able to complete your course… Does this kind of training really have you, the learner in mind? Or, is it just money motivated?

The sad thing is, the scenario of having training courses with deadlines and course extension fees isn’t a made up one. We appreciate that flexible online learning isn’t for everyone, which is why there are courses out there with weekly classroom-based sessions which tend to have set end dates. But at Brooks and Kirk, we have found that learners will produce work that is of a much higher standard if they aren’t weighed down with the pressure of meeting deadlines. 

If you have spoken to us on the phone about any of our courses, or even just had a look around our Assessor Training website, you will probably have noticed that one of the unique features of our courses, is that we have no set start and end dates. Meaning, you can start on your course as soon as you like and take however long you need to complete it.  

When it comes down to choosing a training provider, just bare that earlier question in mind; would this course be centred around me, or my money? We are more than happy to give anyone advice on what to look out for when choosing the right training provider, obviously starting with avoiding courses with extension fees!

So, if you would like to find out more about our flexible assessor courses or even just have a chat with us for some piece of mind on choosing a training provider, then please don’t hesitate in giving us a call on 01205 805 155