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Assessor Training Posts

It’s been just over a year since we set up our own dedicated assessor training website. Well, 1 year, 2 weeks and 6 days to be precise! To mark the beginning of a new academic year, we thought we would reflect on a whole year’s worth of articles in one post. For anyone who is currently training to become an assessor, or looking at beginning their training to become an assessor, you may find that a few of our posts could be worth a read.

Whether you would like to make sure that you are choosing the right assessor qualification, find out what all the confusing acronyms are about in assessor job vacancies or if you are just curious about what a career as an NVQ assessor might entail, we have a post that was published with you in mind. 

We have cherry picked some of the most interesting (in our minds) and most useful posts from the 14/15 academic year. Happy reading!


Free PTLLS16/10/2014

The New PTLLS Qualification for FREE!

At this point, it was only a month ago since the old PTLLS award had been completely taken over by the Level 3 Award in Education and Training. We have been offering the level 3 tutor training qualification for free as part of our assessor courses ever since. 

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Assessor Training Technology11/11/2014

What is TEA and why is it important to me?

Yes, cups of tea are very important in a working day. But, that wasn’t the tea we were referring to here. Technology Enhanced Assessment (TEA) is extremely important within the modern day role of an NVQ assessor. Which is why we thought it would be very handy for our current and perspective trainee assessors to be aware of what it is, so that they could be ahead of the game. 

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linked newly qualified assessors04/12/2014

The importance of LinkedIn to newly trained Assessors

If you know what LinkedIn is already, then you will probably already know why it is so important that all newly trained NVQ assessors get themselves on there. If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, then it’s a good job we did this post for you to find out what it is and get yourself on there.

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matrix accreditation11/12/2014

Matrix Accreditation

Early December last year we were accredited with the Matrix standard. For anyone who is new to the world of teaching and training, Matrix accreditation will probably be completely alien to you. Find out why it’s reassuring to know that Brooks and Kirk have received Matrix accreditation. 

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Assessor shadowing wordcloud


Inexperienced Assessors Gaining Experience

“How am I supposed to gain experience in assessing, when so many assessor vacancies are asking for ‘experienced’ assessors?” We have been asked this question on many occasions, so we thought we would make anyone new to the sector aware of what shadowing an assessor involves.

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Mid-April saw us introduce the CertSelfie. We are still asking every learner to send in their CertSelfie once they have finished their training. If you have trained with us and not sent us in a selfie of you with your certificate, find out what you are missing out on!

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Make sure you choose the right assessor qualification

Very few people are aware of the name of the most current assessor qualifications. Even fewer are aware of which one it is that they need in order to become a fully qualified NVQ assessor. Because of this, we thought we would do this post to make sure that everyone is aware of which course it is that they need to do.

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24+ advanced learning loan25/06/2015

Tell me more about the 24+ Loan…

There were very few people that had heard about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan before they called us up or stumbled across it on our website. We thought maybe a quick question and answer post would help to give people interested in funding their assessor training a better idea of exactly what the loan involves.

UPDATE: Please note, we no longer offer the 24+ loan; but please see our Funding Options page to find out about our other payment methods.

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In-house assessing for your organisation

What have Dental nurse practices, Care homes, Construction companies and even Restaurants all got in common? They all use in-house assessors! If in-house assessing is new to you, we wrote this post with you in mind. 

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A1 TAQA D32 D322 Assessor Qualification20/08/2015

Making Sense of NVQ Assessor Job Vacancies

If you have only just started looking at becoming an assessor then you wouldn’t be the first person to find it incredibly difficult to work out exactly what it is that you need in order to become a fully qualified assessor. That is why we thought we would clear any confusion by explaining it in black and white.

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And that bring us to where we are today! Whilst we like to think that we have probably answered any questions that you may have had in one of our posts over the last year, it will probably be quicker to just give us a call and have a chat with a member of our team. 

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