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Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
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 31 reviews
by Geoffrey Burlinson on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
Thank You Very Much

The CAVA course was the first Virtual Learning Environment course Ive taken, with so many different Organisations to choose from, it was the positive reviews about Brooks and Kirk that I enrolled.

The Benefit of studying and uploading assignments in my time, working around family and work commitments was excellent.

Very good resources, reading material and videos throughout the course. Assignments always marked promptly with good constructive feedback. Actually providing learners for my Observational day was a God send.

I really enjoyed studying with Brooks and Kirk and found all the staff to be Very Professional and Helpful. Highly recommended.

by Rob Hattersley on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
A great experience

It was a great way to learn and the combination of study material and video clips was ideal. In terms of the team...everyone was very knowledgeable, helpful and queries/clarification were always addressed in a timely manner!

A really nice organisation to undertake training programmes with.

Thanks again.

by Daniel Woodman on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training

Just completed my CAVA qualification with Brooks & Kirk, and I was very impressed with the level of support, professionalism and attention to detail.

You are made to feel welcome and valued, and they are always quick to respond if and when you require some guidance.

Quality control is key, and Brooks & Kirk will help you achieve not only the qualification, but also a clear understanding of the subject matter.

by Jacqui Barnard on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
A very professional training company

I have just completed my CAVA course with Brooks and Kirk, and I would thoroughly recommend them. The resources and tutorials are easy to follow and very professional, they provide a lot of support along the way. I also followed their advice on the Brooks and Kirk YouTube video on how to Ace your NVQ Assessor interview and it helped me with my preparation (and I have been offered a 2nd interview). Thank you Brooks and Kirk.

by Jessie Mistry on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
Positive learning experience
Business Name: Pharmacist

I have just completed my CAVA with Brooks and Kirk. The journey from booking the course to navigating the moodle, receiving feedback and finally the London based training day have all been a positive experience with support and encouragement. I would like to thank the team at Brookes and Kirk for all the support and Laura for delivering an enjoyable and informative day. I would also like to thank Laura for her advice on creating an assessor friendly CV! Thanks Jessie

by Donna May on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
Seamless enrolment process
Business Name: Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Brooks & Kirk have offered excellent support to our Trust with the enrolment of several members of our team on to the assessor course in a very timely manner.

We were working to a very tight time scale and they have ensured this has been a seamless process with regards to payments.

by Kurt on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
Assessor Training

I have recently completed my Level 3 CAVA and EAT courses, the team at Brooks and Kirk where fantastic, very professional and supportive through out the course from start to finish, I would recommend them to anyone considering undertaking CAVA and EAT courses.

by Louise Lewin on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training

Thank you to all at brooks and Kirk who have made me achieve my dream . I have now completed my CAVA . I am so grateful for all the support you have given me through this . Special thanks to Laura and Cathryn .

I can not recommend Brooks and KIrk enough for their professional and will definitely use them again in the future to achieve the IQA course

Many thanks louise x

by john Atherton on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
my experience so far
Business Name: J Atherton Painters & Decorators

Attended the CAVA day today! Great experience to run along side my level 3 CAVA course with brooks and kirk.

From my initial contact with brooks and kirk through to where i am today (completing the CAVA day) they have been professional, thoroughly helpful with any problems i may have had. They give excellent tutorials with each task to help you along the way, my task submissions are marked quickly and each task marked comes with constructive feedback even if i gain 100%!

I will highly recommend Brooks and Kirk to anyone thinking about further education within assessing.

I am currently working on completing my level CAVA and i will certainly be working with Brooks and Kirk in any future training i wish to carry out.

by David Pritchard on Brooks and Kirk ~ Assessor Training
Level 3 CAVA

Deciding which training provider to use for a particular qualification is never easy, you will research providers, awarding bodies, funding options and previous learner reviews. I can’t help you with the first three steps. However, I can provide you with a review of Brooks and Kirk. Having studied education in the past, I had some idea of what I was getting myself into, so I didn’t need to rely as much on the tutors for support, but when I did they were there and extremely helpful; just don’t expect them to do the work for you, that part is up to you. The online system for downloading and submitting assessments is spot on, simple to use and fully supported by the team at Brooks and Kirk.

Feedback for the written assignments was timely and always useful, even assignments that were accepted first time had some constructive feedback to allow me to build on my knowledge or understanding further developing my professional practice as an assessor.

The practical elements of the course are the ones that seem to make most people nervous, with Brooks and Kirk there is no need to be. The way the assessment day is structured and delivered is fantastic. You will spend some time learning about the process of assessing then you will do it, this experience is the key to understanding the role of the assessor and how your behaviour can affect the learner/apprentice you are assessing. The practical day also provides you with the skills and competencies you will need to complete the Assessing Vocational Skills, Knowledge, and Understanding unit documentation for the full CAVA qualification.

Overall I can’t recommend Brooks and Kirk highly enough: the course materials are first class; the assessors are helpful, knowledgeable, and professional; you have a choice of awarding bodies; the price is very reasonable with flexible payment options that make self-funding attainable. What more could you want?

My intention now is to complete an IQA course with Brooks and Kirk as soon as they allow me to, and if they start to offer one, I will be completing an End Point Assessors course with them as well.

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