What is the purpose of an End-Point Assessment?

So, you know what End-Point Assessment is. However now, you’re just not entirely sure on what the purpose of EPA is exactly? Well, we can help.

What is the purpose of an End-Point Assessment?

To put it simply, the main purpose of an End-Point Assessment is to make sure that an Apprentice is fully competent to carry out their job. If you want to understand how the End-Point Assessment confirms an apprentice’s competency, then you’re going to need to know about K-S-Bs.

K-S-Bs stands for Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. Every Apprenticeship Standard lists the K-S-Bs that an Apprentice must demonstrate in order to be deemed occupationally competent. That is where the End-Point Assessment comes in.

End-Point Assessments have been developed to test whether an Apprentice has learned all of the necessary K-S-Bs during their Apprenticeship. Obviously, if they have, then they’re competent. Happy days! However if the Independent End-Point Assessor believes that the apprentice hasn’t hit all of the K-S-Bs, then they fail their EPA because they’re not fully competent yet.

That being said, the apprentice does always get the opportunity to retake the EPA. Because let’s be honest, we all have our off days.

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It’s not necessarily just a case of pass or fail either. This is where the secondary purpose of an End-Point Assessment comes in. As an IEPA, you would be required to grade the apprentice based on their performance in the EPA. The grading scale can change from one apprenticeship to another. However in most cases, the three options are: fail, pass or distinction. You will find some apprenticeships are just pass or fail. Whilst others include ‘merit‘ as a possible type of pass as well. 

So, not only does the EPA confirm that an apprentice is competent, but it also confirms the extent of their competence.

Important to remember…

The Apprentice must do their EPA and must achieve a minimum of a ‘pass’ on every assessment within the EPA. Until they do, they can’t get their Apprenticeship certificate and they won’t technically be seen as ‘occupationally competent’.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the purpose of EPA.

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