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Project Career Change – Becoming an Assessor

Want to Train Others in Your Industry? Become an Assessor

As part of Project Career Change, Brooks and Kirk are focusing on retraining the next generation. We want to train, develop, and inspire people like you, who are skilled and experienced in your sector, and turn you into a qualified Assessor.

In the UK, there is a high demand for qualified Assessors. There has never been a better time to start working on your Assessor course. Regardless of the sector you work in, we have a course fit for you.

So, if you’re ready to take that step and become an Assessor, Brooks and Kirk can make it happen.

If you’re already a qualified Assessor and want to look into End-Point Assessing, take a look at our exclusive all-online End-Point Assessor course…

Why Should I Become an Assessor?

There are many reasons why someone should become an Assessor. In our experience, we found that our learners at Brooks and Kirk wanted to become an Assessor for one of the following reasons:

Battle Weary

Battle Weary

Health problems are prohibiting you from continuing in your current role, or you want to take a step back from your ‘front line’ duties and move on to a more diverse role.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

You’re ready to make a change to your Work-Life balance and be more flexible, or you just fancy a change and want to go into part-time work instead of full-time.

Knowledge Giver

Knowledge Giver

You want to pass on your knowledge and skills to the next generation, or, you enjoy your job and want to carry on doing it, whilst sharing your industry wisdom with others.



Perhaps some circumstances have forced you to change your career, or you’re bored of your current role and like the idea of a new challenge without wasting your industry knowledge.

Second Income

Second Income

Simple; you want to earn more money. You need some help paying bills; you want to afford little luxuries; maybe you want to supplement your early retirement.

The Career

Here’s an overview of the key details you may wish to consider when deciding whether or not this is a career move for you.

Job Types

Freelance / Part-time / Full-time.


£15 – £25 ph / £22k – £32k pa.


You must have at least 2/3 years experience within a particular sector. You should also have a good command of the English language. 


Colleges / Independent Training Providers / Apprenticeship Training Providers / End-Point Assessment Organisations.

Roles & Responsibilities

As an assessor, your main responsibility is to collect evidence that will meet criteria from your learner’s vocational qualifications/Apprenticeships.

In doing this, you will provide support and feedback to your learners – inside and outside of their place of work; and where necessary, you may also be required to provide training to fill gaps in their knowledge & skills.

Progression Routes

Once you have qualified as an assessor, you could broaden your skills in the Further Education sector by completing an Education and Training qualification or an Internal Quality Assurance qualification. 

These two suites of qualifications would qualify you for slightly different roles, again in your area of expertise. But more on these after you have become an assessor!

As part of Project Career Change, we are collaborating with two other organisations: EPAHub, and EATJobs. These two organisations can help you get a job in the further education industry after you have qualified as an Assessor with us at Brooks and Kirk.

What do I need to Become an Assessor?

Generally speaking, in order to become an Assessor, you need two things…

Occupational Competence

Occupational Competence can be evidenced by your experience of working within the industry that you are looking to assess in, and any relevant qualifications you have achieved as well.

The Assessor Qualification

There are a few Assessor qualifications to choose from; but, in order to become a fully-qualified Assessor, you will need the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA).

The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) is the most comprehensive NVQ assessor qualification.

It is a universal qualification. This means that upon completion of the CAVA course, you would be a fully qualified assessor in your area of expertise and any other industry you can prove occupational competence in. Without this qualification, you wouldn’t be able to work as an assessor. So, whether you want to observe learners in the workplace or assess their vocational knowledge through assignment-based tasks and question and answer sessions in classrooms; the CAVA assessor course will have you covered for your industry.

What do you get when you enrol on the Assessor course with Brooks and Kirk?

Access to Learners

We are the only Training Provider that guarantees access to learners to assess in person as part of our Assessor Courses; regardless of your industry.

Unlimited Tutor Support

We are open from 9.00am – 6.30pm every week day so you can access tutors to support you with your course at a time that’s convenient for you.

No Start or End Dates

No deadlines; no pressure. A huge majority of our course is delivered online, and we don’t have any start or end dates. Just go at your own pace!

No Sneaky Hidden Costs

We hate sneaky ‘additional charges’ – so what you see, is what you pay! When you train with Brooks and Kirk, trust is guaranteed.

What does the course Involve?

The CAVA course that you need to become an Assessor has 3 Units. These Units are…

Want To Have A Chat About The Course?

Don’t worry about calling us – we can call you!

Our course advisors have over 30 years experience in the Further Education industry between them. So whatever your question, we should have the answer.

We genuinely enjoy getting the opportunity to talk to anyone who is interested in becoming an assessor as well. As far as we are concerned, no query is too complicated or too ‘silly’.

For a no-obligation chat, fill in your details and one of our course advisors will call you within 1 working day…


Our offices are open Monday – Friday between 9am and 6.30pm, so feel free to make the first move and contact us!

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Why Choose Brooks and Kirk?

Here at Brooks and Kirk, we have been delivering NVQ Assessor Courses for well-over 20 years. We are a family-owned specialist training provider that deliver training that is focused around you.

Over the years, we have worked with some fantastic individuals to help them achieve their Assessor, IQA and Tutor qualifications. In 2021, we even started delivering an End-Point Assessment Course.

We have also worked with a wide variety of organisations throughout the UK, training up their workforce, including:

The NHS; IBM; Options Skills; Prospero Teaching; and the National Pharmacy Association. 

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it! See what our learners had to say themselves…

“Would thoroughly recommend Brooks and Kirk if you are looking to upskill”

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