Office Life as an Elf

As some of you may know, we’ve had a visitor staying with us in the office for the past few weeks. Our very own Elf! He’s seen us write a number of blogs over the past few weeks and wanted to have a go of it for himself – take it away, Elfie!

Office Life as an Elf

The First Day

“The 30th November 2018 was the day I found a new office to cause mischief in. It was Friday teatime, in a very busy London Kings Cross train station. I saw four very withered looking people, who looked like they’d been working very hard in the City.  I knew this was my prime opportunity to jump into the very loud blonde lady’s rucksack and we hopped onto a train to Peterborough.

The train journey was only 50 minutes long, but it felt like a lifetime; stuck in a bag full of dirty clothes and makeup! Finally, we got off the train, walked to the car – and then I got tossed into the boot! Little did they know I was in the lady’s bag!

Fast forward to 3rd December, it was my first day in the office! Here’s a photo of me in the car on my way to Brooks and Kirk!”

Let’s Decorate!

“When I arrived, I thought where is the Christmas spirit? There were no Christmas decorations up, which meant no tinsel for me to hang off! The staff looked like they had no Christmas spirit what so ever. Maybe they were on Santa’s naughty list?

A couple of days passed, and I was settled into my new playground – but still no sign of the Christmas decorations. Conveniently, a few hours later some boxes were plonked in reception and two girls started to open them. Finally, the Christmas decorating had commenced! I must admit, the girls did struggle just to put up a ‘Merry Christmas’ banner but they made the best out of a bad bunch. An hour or so later, I was hanging off the tree! Who needs an angel when you can have me; an elf behaving badly?!”

“A bonus of being a new member of staff is all the food. I’ve helped myself to lots of food whilst I’ve been here, especially biscuits – they are definitely my favourite! Piling on the pounds to keep me warm for my journey back to the North Pole.”

My New Friends

“Whilst getting up to mischief, I’ve made a few friends – or should I say; partners in crime, along the way! I even got to experience different cultures when I met a few Russian dolls! They dressed me up and made me part of their family!

I also got to catch up with one of my bosses, the man himself, Santa! At first, it was a bit awkward as I wasn’t sure how he knew I was here but it turns out he’s not out delivering presents this year. He’s leaving it up to Mrs. Clause and Rudolph. Instead, he’s joined a band so I got to be a ‘groupie’ for a night and we performed a few Christmas classics to the staff.  They didn’t seem too impressed; I think Santa needed to recharge his batteries.”


“Anyway, I’m going to end this here as I have arm ache (I only have little arms) and I am missing out on causing mischief before the staff leaves for Christmas tomorrow! I might as well make the most of it whilst they’re here, as I’ll be on my way back to the North Pole when they come back to work next Thursday.

Overall I have really enjoyed my stay at Brooks and Kirk head office and would definitely like to visit again next Christmas. I have been well looked after, especially with all the biscuits. I’d definitely give them a 5 star on trip advisor!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!”

Love Elfie


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