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One of the most popular questions I get asked daily, is “Where can I find an assessor job?” this is from both learners and potential learners. So, I thought I would write you all a short but sweet blog on ways to find an assessor job.

Job and Recruitment Sites for Assessor Jobs

Here at Brooks and Kirk, we always recommend that you get yourself in front of as many potential employers as you can when you are looking for an assessor job. Obviously, the best place to start this search online, is to have a look at what opportunities job sites and recruitment agencies have. There are a few websites out there that are specifically for jobs in Further Education. Without a doubt, those are the sites you should be trying first.

We know your time is precious, you’ve got assessor jobs to be finding and assessor courses to be completing! So, we have listed a few websites below that tend to be rich with assessor jobs; including a couple of those industry-specific job sites as well:

As well as looking at job sites, it is also worth seeing what a few of the recruitment sites have got in the way of opportunities for assessors as well.

Here are a few to have a look at:

Approach Local Colleges and Training Providers

Sometimes, it pays to be proactive in your job searching. One way of doing this is to contact local colleges and training providers directly to see if they have any vacancies available or could potentially have any freelance work coming up.

Failing that, just asking if they may be able to provide you with any opportunities to shadow an assessor can also be worthwhile. Obviously, not only will you be keeping busy and getting a kind of experience under your belt (which looks better on your CV than a blank space!) but you never know; they could offer you a job at the end of it… If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

The Power of LinkedIn

We also recommend joining LinkedIn as we’ve mentioned before in previous blogs. By joining LinkedIn, you can build your contacts in your industry as well as potential employers. There have even been instances when people have been headhunted for jobs via LinkedIn, so there’s certainly no love lost in getting yourself on there.

There we have it; I have these few pointers come in handy when it comes to finding yourself an assessor job. Now the next step is to find the right job, apply for it and then; to Ace your NVQ Assessor job interview.

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