In-House Assessor Training

At Brooks and Kirk, we have trained members of staff to become in-house assessors in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, construction, hair and beauty, call centres and much more. The role of an in-house assessor is becoming increasingly common now that more organisations are realising the benefits that can be gained from training in-house assessors. 

in-house assessor training

What makes our in-house assessor courses different?

> Bespoke.

Over 10 learners – If you have 10 or more employees which you would like to train up to become in-house assessors, then we could run a dedicated course for your business at a venue (Boston, Manchester or London) and date of your choice.

Over 20 learners – If you have 20 or more employees that need their assessors qualification, then not only can we deliver a course dedicated to your business, but we can even deliver the workshops at your centre.

> Experienced.

We have over 20 years experience in delivering tailored, high-quality assessor courses. Over the years, we have gone from training a couple of in-house assessors in a care home in Lincolnshire, to delivering completely bespoke assessor training courses nationwide to companies of all sizes and sectors.

> Flexible.

Whether you’re a construction firm, hair salon, care home or a call centre, we can train employees within your business to become in-house assessors. Even better still, because we don’t have set start and end dates, your trainee in-house assessors can start their course at any time.

What are the benefits of having in-house assessors?

> Cut Down Costs.

One of the biggest benefits from having in-house assessors is that they can help to bring the cost of vocational training down. We have worked with healthcare agencies, construction sites and hairdressing salons that have set up internal training divisions within their organisations. Obviously, this would mean there would no longer be a need to outsource training from external learning providers. Consequently, companies with in-house assessors will save thousands of pounds in the long run by keeping all their training in-house.

> Quality, Relevant in-house Training.

If you were looking to train a member of staff, you would want their training to be as relevant to their job role and your business as possible. So, who would be better placed to deliver that training than someone who has years of experience working in your business? The beauty of having in-house assessors is that they will know the organisation like the back of their hand. Combine this experience with our highly recommended assessor courses and you will find that the training your workforce receives will be of the highest quality.

> More Productive Workforce.

Inevitably, with high-quality training, comes highly skilled employees. It has been proven time after time, that in-house assessors can drive the productivity of the workforce. The reasoning for this is simple. Because the training that members of staff receive from in-house assessors is more relevant, they will tend to develop their skills and organisational knowledge much quicker than someone who was trained at the local college. 

We have provided companies of all sizes with training for their employees to become in-house assessors. It doesn’t matter if you are an SME or a multi-national company, in-house assessors can contribute a lot to your company’s growth. Please get in touch with us to find out more about our in-house assessor training courses by calling us on 01205 805 155, or by submitting a callback request.

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