Express Assessor Course

express assessor course

The assessor training solution for anyone who needs to acquire an assessor qualification quickly and properly.

What makes the Express Assessor Course ‘Express’?

The delivery model for our Express Assessor Course is exactly the same as our standard CAVA Assessor Course. However, there are two quite significant differences that make it ‘Express’. We have detailed these below. 

Feedback Turnaround

With our standard CAVA Course – We say allow up to 10 working days for your tasks to be marked. 

With our Express Assessor Course – We *guarantee that your work will be marked and you will have the feedback from your assessor within 2 working days.

Session Attendance

With our standard CAVA Course – You have to wait for the next available course. This could potentially be months away. 

With our Express Assessor Course – You can book your own session for a date that is convenient for you. 

Please do bear in mind that there are no cutting corners with the express option. Whilst we can provide you with the opportunity to complete the course over any time frame, you are still required to meet all of the criteria for the qualification to the same standard that we expect from all of our learners. This means that if it is something which you are hoping to complete in a matter of weeks, rather than months, then you will need to put in quite a significant amount of study time on a daily basis. Remember, the CAVA assessor qualification has 84 Guided Learning Hours. That is a rough guide for the total amount of hours you will be required to spend on the course in order to complete it.

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How quickly can I start?

If you make the payment for your course before 4 pm, Monday – Friday, then you will be started the same day. We can’t keep you waiting; it is an ‘express’ course after all!



Course Delivery

As mentioned above, the course is delivered through the same means as our CAVA programme. This is blended learning. 

You would be able to complete the majority of your studies on our Virtual Learning Environment and only have to attend a one-day session.  


The qualification you would achieve upon completion would be the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA).


Tutorial videos, best practice guides, guided research and most importantly, as much advice and guidance from your tutors as you need!


We will only be running these express sessions at our Boston centre in Lincolnshire. This is the only centre where we can arrange access to learners to assess at short notice. 

How it Works

Firstly, we would take your payment to get you started. You would then be emailed over your login details for the online learning system. After you have completed your induction section and accessed the CAVA course on Brooks and Kirk’s Virtual Learning Environment, you will see the session booking form. All you will need to do is to have a read of the cancellation policy, then you can call us up and book your Express session. We will establish a date with you over the phone that works for both yourself and ourselves. 

You will then be on course to complete your assessor qualification as quickly as you want/need to.  

Submit an Enquiry

If you like the sound of our Express Assessor Course but have a few questions, then please fill out the enquiry form below and we will be in touch within one working day. 

*2 Working Day Guarantee – It is possible that tasks submitted within one working day of a two-day session at one of Brooks and Kirk’s centres may exceed the 2 working day guarantee. This only happens when your designated express assessor course tutor is delivering the respective two-day session and consequently, is unable to mark assignments for 2 working days. In this instance, we guarantee that your work will be marked within 4 working days.