Every Learner is Different

Welcome to the home of our Every Learner is different stories. So, what is Every Learner is Different?

Every Learner is Different (ELD) is all about showing anyone that is considering becoming an assessor, that there are no barriers with Brooks and Kirk. Whatever your area of expertise, age, location, employment status etc, we will have helped people similar to you before. ‘Similar’, but not the same, because every learner is different! 

We have been extremely privileged to have worked with people from a huge variety of backgrounds; from single mothers looking to become freelance assessors in childcare to guys in their 60’s looking to assess in construction as they take a step towards retirement.

Please go ahead and have a read of some of our learner’s stories this far. Who knows, we could be writing yours a few months down the line!

Meet Our Learners



Gill worked as a HLTA in a primary school and had 7 years experience working in Early Years settings. Supporting the apprentices and new staff inspired her to switch career paths and complete the Assessor’s course. Completing the course gave Gill confidence to apply for jobs and she is currently working as a Regional Trainer in Early Years.

Gill’s Full Story



David has worked in a variety of sectors before completing the Assessor course. The sectors include; Catering, Education and Management Consultancy. After completion he has returned to us to complete his Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance course, as well as recently becoming a proud owner to a Belgian Shepherd puppy!

David’s Full Story


Lisa lost an impressive 5 stone whilst working in Retail Management. This was the motivation she needed to leave her job in Retail after 16 years and become an Assessor! After completing the Assessor course, she went on to do the Education and Training course with us and is now working as a End – Point Assessor!

Lisa’s Full Story


Geoff was and still is currently working in Equatorial Guinea training nationals in Control, Automation and Instrumentation. He completed the Assessor course and has returned to us to crack on with the IQA course. Aswell as ploughing through our courses he enjoys listening to lots of music but his favourite genre is house music. So much so he’s built his own home studio.

Geoff’s Full Story


Sobia was on maternity leave whilst studying the Assessor course. She is currently working as a Senior Teaching Assistant in a primary school but still actively looking for work as an Assessor. She also enjoys spending lots of time socialising with family and friends as well as chilling out watching the soaps.

Sobia’s Full Story



Sue likes to support little ones with their reading and also helps them with crafts in schools. She likes music too, as she sings in choir and belongs to a musical theatre group. Sue came to complete the Assessor course after working in the Training and Development sector. She ran and piloted performance management cycles. She is still looking to become a Freelance Assessor as well as coaching and training individuals.

Sue’s Full Story


Lisa is a motorbike enthusiast and currently owns 3 of them. As well as motorbikes she loves mountain biking, so when the suns out you’ll see Lisa on one of her bikes! Lisa used to work as a College Lecturer and had experience in the apprenticeship field as she was working on a Social Media Apprenticeship course at the time. This course opened up her eyes and she decided to go back in the industry to gain her Assessors Certificate. Upon completion she landed herself a new job as a Technical Coach ( Digital Marketing Assessor)

Lisa’s Full Story


Before completing the Assessor course, Mahesh worked in Retail Management and Health & Social care for 10 years. He enjoys lots of different things including going swimming, watching films at the cinema and ghost hunting or paranormal activities. Although he isn’t currently working as an Assessor he is still keeping his options open.

Mesh’s Full Story


Previous to completing the Assessor course through us, Danielle has a bad experience with another training provider but that didn’t stop her! She worked as a Nursery nurse, working her way up to the senior team. She played a big part in helping apprentices with their work so she thought why not becoming an Assessor! Danielle is still currently working in a nursery as well as spending lots of time on days out with her daughter.

Danielle’s Full Story


Shantelle has had two Assessor jobs since completing the Assessor course. She landed her first Assessor job at City College just weeks after qualifying. Before she worked as a Care Assistant in Mental Health and was studying her Level 5 in Health and Social Care. Shantelle is now working as an Assessor, where she studied for 4 years.

Shantelle’s Full Story



From working as a Gym Instructor to working her way up to become a Manager of a Fitness / Leisure site all in the space of 10 years. Jodie realised she had a passion for helping and teaching others as being part of the Management Team meant she was involved in coaching others. Jodie didn’t even complete the whole course before landing her first job as an Assessor! Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Jodie’s Full Story