Who Does The End-Point Assessment Affect?

About a month ago, we created an End-Point Assessment FAQ blog to answer the most popular questions relevant to the EPA. Something we didn’t include in this post was ‘Who Does The End-Point Assessment Affect?’. That’s because we felt that this question needed a whole different post of its own! So; here’s your answer.


The first group that the EPA effects, is Employers. They will have to work very closely with their chosen training provider. This is so that they can monitor the progression of their apprentices. If the learners are not prepared for the EPA and therefore fail, employers may be charged extra for retakes. This then means that the employer will need to negotiate re-sit fees with their EPA provider.

By using a digital e-portfolio, employers are able to track their learners’ progression throughout their course. If the employer is keeping track of the progression, they can ensure that they’re not scheduled to sit the EPA before they are ready.


The second group is an obvious one; the learners. A common reason for apprentices to choose vocational training instead of an academic course is because it matches their practical strengths. Now the EPA is mandatory for every apprenticeship, there’s a chance that learners may struggle to pass their course. In reality, people may actually be discouraged from applying for the apprenticeship in the first place for this reason.

On the other hand, other learners may actually become motivated by the grading system in place. It may encourage them to work hard to achieve their desired grade – whether that be pass, merit, or distinction.

Training Providers

Last but not least, the EPA will effect Training Providers. They will now have to collaborate with the EPA provider to make sure that their delivery matches the assessment plan. The assessment plan is outlined in the standard.

If you’ve got more questions, take a look at our EPA FAQ blog (linked above)!

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