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Introducing our ‘Every Learner is Different’ campaign – We have been extremely privileged to have worked with people from a huge variety of backgrounds; from single mothers looking to become freelance assessors in childcare to guys in their 60’s looking to assess in construction as they take a step towards retirement.

Every Learner is Different (ELD) is all about showing anyone that is considering becoming an assessor, that there are no barriers with Brooks and Kirk. Whatever your area of expertise, age, location, employment status etc, we will have helped people similar to you before. ‘Similar’, but not the same, because every learner is different! 

If you would like to be a part of our ELD campaign and share your story, then please either pick up the phone and give me a call or send me over an email directly;


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Without further ado, let’s get into our first Every Learner is Different story! We are starting off with the same learner that we featured in our revamped #ThrowbackThursday post last week; here is Shantelle’s success story.

Shantelle’s Success Story
Every Learner is Different

shantelle certselfie success story

We want every story in our ELD campaign to be as personal as possible. So, rather than having me babble on, I caught up with Shantelle so that she could tell you her story herself. Here’s a little bit of background to get the story started…

About Shantelle

Lives in


Completed the

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Experienced in

Health and Social Care

Tell us a bit about you

I go to church, I’ve been going to church for five years now. I mostly spend my time with my daughter and my family, when I have any spare time that is! Also, I like my R & B music.

Life before Brooks and Kirk

Before I started looking into becoming an assessor, I was working as a care assistant in Mental Health and was studying my Health and Social Care Level 5. 

How did you find us?

I was looking online. A few places popped up but Brooks and Kirk were one of the first to come up. I made an enquiry and it all went from there!

What did you think of the course?

It was really easy to use the online learning system. Assessors would mark the work really quickly; I would submit a task one day and the same day or the day after I would have feedback. Which was good. The day session assessing learners was a bit scary at first as it was a real-life situation, with real people. But, the assessors were really supportive and guided us well through the whole day.

Life after the Assessor Course

Once I finished I actually got a job straight away. Within just a week or two of qualifying, I was working at City college. But now, I’m working at the place I studied at for four years.

  • Shantelle's Review

    Shantelle’s Review

    Submitted to our Learners Reviews page.

    “This course has taught me all I need to know about assessing individuals within both the working and learning environment (THE LEARNERS ARE PROVIDED) which was a major plus.

    I completed this course within 2 months and have enjoyed the challenge. Once I received the qualification I was able to seek work within the health and social care field and within a week I was offered my first job within teaching. Hard work pays off.

    Brooks and Kirk have been very supportive and encouraging from the welcome call to the end. the team are friendly and motivating which inspired me to continue until the end. Assessment feedback was timely and informative and I appreciate the team here very much.

    Thank you, Brooks and Kirk”

There you have it – the first of many Success Stories to feature in our ELD campaign draws to a close.

If you have built up years of experience working in either a specific industry or various industries, then becoming an assessor could well be for you. Give us a call today to have a chat with a friendly member of our team and find out if becoming an assessor is for you. 

Start writing your Success Story today…

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