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It’s a lovely sunny start to May and we’re back with another Success story, just to brighten up your day even more! – It’s been a whole two weeks since our last Every Learner Is Different story, back in April! But this week we have motorbike enthusiast Lisa. 

Every Learner is Different (ELD) is all about showing anyone that is considering becoming an assessor, that there are no barriers with Brooks and Kirk. Whatever your area of expertise, age, location, employment status etc, we will have helped people similar to you before. ‘Similar’, but not the same, because every learner is different! 

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Now it’s time to introduce you to this week’s ELD featured learner… Meet Lisa.

Lisa’s Success Story
Every Learner is Different


About Lisa

Lives in


Completed the

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement & Level 3 Education and Training Award

Experienced in

Digital Marketing

Life before Brooks and Kirk

Before starting the course, I had experience in apprenticeships. I worked as a lecturer in a college on both full time BTEC courses and a new social media apprenticeship standard. Working on both courses opened my eyes and I saw how beneficial the apprenticeship option was for learners. So I decided to go back into the industry to get the relevant experience and gain my assessors award, so I could return to apprenticeships with the skills and experience to support learners effectively.

Tell us a bit about you

I have many! I love motorbikes and now have 3. It’s a battle when the weather is nice though as I love mountain biking too. So my hobbies are always competing when the suns out.

I like all music, really depends on my mood. Classic FM is great to relax, 80s dance music is my friend on the morning commute and a little dance music picks me up in the afternoons.

How did you find us?

I found Brooks and Kirk online as I was searching for a TAQA course that I could do before having an assessing job. It seemed a bit chicken and egg, many employers wanted assessors to have the award already but most courses required you to have access to learners to complete the assessments. I was thrilled when I found Brooks and Kirk as they were able to offer a complete solution. I was able to gain the award while staying in the industry and on completion, the whole job market opened up to me.

What did you think of the course?

The course was excellent. Although I have experience in some of the subject matter from doing my PGCE, there was plenty of new material relevant to apprenticeships and I certainly needed the refresh. The online materials in the virtual learning environment were so easy to use and the course was really well structured. It made it quick to understand what was expected and what I needed to get on with. Each module had the learning content; many with videos, followed by a worksheet to download to complete and submit back to the same page. This meant I knew where everything was, what I had done and what was outstanding. The course didn’t feel overwhelming at any point either. It was a great example of how to structure learning materials online and it will stay in my mind when I am creating learning resources for the online platform.

The practical assessment day was the best bit. I did the whole course in 3 weeks and working through it at that pace meant that when I did the practical, all the online materials were very fresh in my mind. The practical day in Birmingham was really well thought out and gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions and confirm our understanding. It was very relaxed and we were able to gain instant feedback from our assessor on how we asked questions of the apprentice we assessed and the notes we made to evidence the assessment criteria.

I think for anyone looking to do their CAVA, this is the way to do it. Avoid the pressure of being in front of a paying employer and go with Brooks and Kirk, where you are the focus of the day and not the apprentice!

Life after the Assessor Course

I have recently accepted a position as Technical Coach (Digital Marketing Assessor) for The Development Manager, an apprenticeship provider in Worcester. I am investigating a masters degree so that I am ready to train on the degree apprenticeship standards currently awaiting approval. In the mean time, I am keeping up with CPD activities in HTML coding and Google Analytics. Once I have been assessing for a little while, I will be back to Brooks and Kirk to do my IQA award and take my career to the next level.

That brings us to the end of our second ELD Story. Remember, if you think becoming an assessor could be for you… 

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  • Lisa’s Review

    Review left on our Facebook Page

    Really enjoying my CAVA course. The online learning platform is so easy to use, and the quality and accessibility of the resources make the assignments much easier to understand. They have exceeded my expectations on feedback times, usually within days rather than the two weeks they give themselves. When I have had questions, the team have always been really helpful and nothing has been too much trouble. They are a great example to assessors as to how to run vocational training!
    I will be returning to do my verifier’s qualification with these guys and highly recommend them.

    I have finished the qualification now, and it has been excellent. The assessors day was a fantastic opportunity to gain experience completing an observation and professional discussion in a context where the trainee assessors’ needs come first. This means that as the assessor, you feel safe to try things and in asking your trainer questions without worrying about being professional in front of an apprentice and their employer. 
    This is how all new assessors should be trained as you feel so much more confident at the end of it!

    I cannot recommend Brookes and Kirk highly enough! Their service is excellent, the marking is fast and feedback is clear and supportive. 
    I have talked at length with them on the phone about things like the new apprenticeship standards, which shows they are not just there to help you with the qualification, but are ready and willing to support you in your professional development as a whole.

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