Every Learner is Different | Lisa’s Success Story

We’re halfway through June, nearly and we’re back with another Success Story – This year seems to be flying by! After two weeks we’re back with the End Point assessor, Lisa. 

Every Learner is Different (ELD) is all about showing anyone that is considering becoming an assessor, that there are no barriers with Brooks and Kirk. Whatever your area of expertise, age, location, employment status etc, we will have helped people similar to you before. ‘Similar’, but not the same, because every learner is different! 

If you would like to be a part of our ELD campaign and share your story, then I’m only a phone call or email away 🙂


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Now it’s time to introduce you to this week’s ELD featured learner… Meet Lisa.

Lisa’s Success Story
Every Learner is Different

Lisa5 1

About Lisa

Lives in


Completed the

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement & Level 3 Education and Training Award

Experienced in

Retail Management

Life before Brooks and Kirk

Previous to the assessor course I was working in Retail Management for 16 years. 

Tell us a bit about you

Hobbies and interests… I like to go running, being out and about and generally being active. Prior to what made me leave Retail Management was losing five stone, I suddenly gained alot of confidence. That gave me the confidence to do what I wanted to do and to follow my asperations. 

I’m currently in training for a 10 mile run in October. I’ve done 5 and 10k races but 10 miles is the next step. Also i’ve recently spent a fortune on a moutain bike as I live in the countryside. 

Music genre or artist – I like Bon Jovi. I’m a bit of an 80s girl. 

How did you find Brooks and Kirk?

It was online, through a Google search. I decided I wanted to become an assessor and go into that field. After doing a bit of research I found out that I needed to do the CAVA course.  I then went back onto Google and searched for providers. They were all saying I needed learners to assess but I had no way of getting hold of two learners… 

Brooks and Kirk advertised that they provide the learners for you. I then researched Brooks and Kirk further by looking at reviews etc. After that I took the plunge and decided to go with you guys because you had really good reviews.

What did you think of the course?

It was a bit of a shock to the system at first because I had’nt done anything like this for 20 years, since I graduated from university. I think I was over complicating it though, I was thinking about it as degree level when it’s not. Once I submitted my first task and got the feedback from that I was absolutely fine. If ever I had any questions, I would get on the phone to you guys and you was always there to help me. Overall it was nice and easy to do. 

The day session was really enjoyable and it was nice to get together with other people. It was nice to meet like minded people, learn with others and discuss questions with them. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. 

Life after the Assessor Course

I finished the CAVA course and then after speaking to Laura she told me I could do the Level 3 in Education and Training and most of it was covered in the CAVA. So there wasn’t much addtional work. I found that, that would give me the edge in the job market. So I did the Level 3 Education and Training straight after the CAVA. Then I started applying for jobs and i’m now working as an end point assessor!  Which i’m really enjoying, i’m loving every second. 

That brings us to the end of our second ELD Story. Remember, if you think becoming an assessor could be for you… 

Start writing your Success Story today…

  • Lisa’s Review

    Review left on our Facebook Page

    Brooks and Kirk are a brilliant company to learn with. All staff were very friendly whenever I called. I really enjoyed my days in London for both my CAVA and my EAT, both Laura and Dan were friendly,and approachable while being professional. They are also obviously very knowledgable in their fields and happy to help. The moodle e- learning site was very easy to use and the turnaround time for marking assignments was much quicker than your advertised two weeks. I loved doing my CAVA that much I enrolled on another course! I also asked Laura advice on a presentation I had to do for a job interview which she assisted with with no hesitation. Pleased to say I got the job! Thank you Brooks and Kirk for helping me on my way to my ( hopefully) dream career. #briiliantbrooksandkirk

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