Is There A Difference Between an Assessor and an End-Point Assessor?

A couple of years ago, this question wouldn’t have even existed. This is because End-Point Assessors didn’t exist, and there was only one Assessor involved in an Apprenticeship. Fast-forward to late 2018, there are in fact two Assessors involved in an Apprenticeship. Now, this question is one of the most commonly asked ones in the world of Assessing. So, let’s briefly sum it all up.

Assessor VS End-Point Assessor

First of all, yes there is a difference between an Assessor and an End-Point Assessor. More specifically, an ‘NVQ/On-Programme Assessor‘ and an ‘End-Point Assessor‘.

An NVQ Assessor and an On-Programme Assessor are more or less the same in terms of their roles and responsibilities. However, the End-Point Assessor has very different roles and responsibilities. Whilst an NVQ/OP Assessor’s main role involves guiding their learners through their qualification to get their KSB’s (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours) up to the standards, an End-Point Assessor purely assesses the candidate at the end of their Apprenticeship in and End-Point Assessment.

For a clearer explanation, our very own Head of Marketing Sam wrote a blog on FENews detailing the exact difference between an Assessor and an End-Point Assessor

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