What’s The Average Salary Of An Assessor?

The Assessor salary can vary, depending on the:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Employer

Some industries are more popular and pay higher than others. Some locations have a higher wage than others, and some employers will pay more than others. However, that’s part and parcel with any job. Across all industries, locations, and employers, the average salary of an Assessor is £27,000. So let’s narrow this down a little:


The highest paid Industry in the world of Assessing is Health and Social Care. In the last month (December 18 – January 19), the average Assessor salary in Health and Social Care has risen by 12%, bringing them to £32,500. From our own research, we actually found that Health and Social Care was our most popular industry that we have trained people to become an Assessor in. So, the fact that it has the highest average salary is not something that surprises us.

The industries that also came out with an average of £32,500 was Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction.

These were followed closely by Education at £27,000; Administration at £25,000 and Catering and Hospitality at £24,000.

Now, this doesn’t mean to say you should drop your Assessing career in Catering to go down the Health and Social Care route. Job prospects change all the time, and the average Assessor salary can get lower as well as higher.

This graph from Reed.co.uk shows how the average salary can vary…

salary 6 mnths

July: £29,843
August: £28,549
September: £28,008
October: £29,434
November: £29,152
December: £29,608



It’s no surprise that London holds the number one spot for the highest average Assessor salary in terms of Location. An Assessor working in London will earn an average of £32, 569. The general average salary for someone working in London is £35,072. So the Assessor salary is not far off this mark.

Leeds holds the second highest average Assessor salary at £30,075, followed by Birmingham at £29,764 and Manchester at £29,541


The most common Employer for Assessor jobs are awarding bodies, such as Pearson and City & Guilds, and training providers. There are also many private companies who will look to hire Assessors for their own business needs, such as ‘Direct Care’ who hire a number of Health and Social Care Assessors to help people through their qualifications throughout the UK.

Each salary will be at each individual company’s discrepancy. 

We’d just like to point out that this is all factually correct as of January 2019, but as with any sector things can change!

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