Who Becomes An NVQ Assessor?

Who Becomes An NVQ Assessor

At Brooks & Kirk, we have been training assessors for quite a few years, over 20 to be little more precise. In that time we have trained many people to be assessors. Recently we have been asked who becomes an NVQ Assessor? That may seem like an obvious question until you actually think about it. We had a good idea but wanted to back this with evidence so we went out and got some. We have done a survey of a cross section of our previous learners and here are the results.

Our research has shown us that there are five different reasons people gave for training to be an NVQ Assessor. However, most people fell into at least two of the types.

So here goes our definitive answer as to the question ‘who becomes an NVQ assessor?’

Who becomes an NVQ assessor – the battle weary.

This group of people said that they trained to be an NVQ assessor because health problems meant that they found it difficult to continue in their current role. An example of this is a Health and Social Care Assessor who left working in care because she developed a bad back. We also had this reason given by many in the construction trades. From Electrical Installation Assessors with bad knees to Plastering and Tiling Assessors with dodgy shoulders.

Of all the learners we surveyed who fell into this type the most peculiar was a Hair and Beauty Assessor. After 20 years in the profession and for no apparent reason, suddenly developed an allergy to the chemicals they were using. Not being able to do her job left her a little red faced, both physically and metaphorically.

Who becomes an NVQ assessor – the work life balancers.

Many of our past learners gave the reason of work life balance for their training to be an NVQ assessor. Childcare obligations or care of close family members were the most common causes for looking to make a change to their work life balance. The cost of childcare or cost of caring for an elderly relative meant their income was all but vanishing. The flexibility they enjoyed being a freelance NVQ assessor enabled them to continue earning and still carry on being the care provider. Other members of this group were those who had decided to move from full-time to part-time working. We have to say sadly but not surprisingly nearly all of this group were female. It looks like somethings will never change.

Who becomes an NVQ assessor – the knowledge givers.

You might think this is a very strange group. Surely every NVQ assessor wanted to be a knowledge giver. Well yes, they did. The difference between this group and the other groups is that this was either their primary reason or indeed, their only reason for training to be an NVQ assessor. They liked doing their job, were able to carry on doing their job and simply wanted to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation coming through. Many of them simply became in-house assessors for the company they already worked for. For them, it was all about the joy of sharing knowledge often without any material gain.

Who becomes an NVQ assessor – the career changers.

This groups reason was the most straight forward. They either simply fancied a change of career or circumstances forced them to have a change of career. Many were getting a little bored with their current role and just liked the idea of a new challenge. For them, training to be an NVQ assessor was a quick and relatively easy way of effecting a career change without wasting all the knowledge and skills they had built up over the years. We also saw a lot of career changers between 2008 and 2010 when people from the finance sector trained with us. The strange twist of fate is that now Accountancy Assessors and Financial Service Assessors are in huge demand and attracting the best salaries. Just shows you can always make money from money.

Who becomes an NVQ assessor – the second incomers.

Our last group was also pretty straight forward. They wanted more cash. The reasons they wanted or needed more money were of course varied. Pay bills, little luxuries or supplement their early retirement. Working freelance as an NVQ assessor allowed them to take on extra work without having to give up either their other job or in fact too much of their free time.


So there you have it our industry leading research has shown the people train to be NVQ Assessors for one of, or a combination of, five different reasons. What will yours be?


The next step for NVQ Assessors

If you have trained to become an NVQ Assessor and feel like you want to take another step up, then there is an option available to you – The Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (IQA).


Next step IQA NVQ Assessor


What is it?

The Level 4 IQA is ideal not only for those who are part of internal Quality Assurance processes but also those who have wider quality assurance responsibilities, manage others, develop policies or manage External Quality Assurance (EQA) visits. 

Brooks and Kirk recommend if you have recently trained as an NVQ Assessor, then you should gain experience in Assessing. This is before progressing straight on to the IQA qualification. However, there can be exceptions. If, for example, you had a background in auditing/management, it may be possible to progress straight onto the course. 

Here’s a few reasons why you may wish to consider progressing onto an IQA course with Brooks and Kirk:

  • You can cover the cost of this course with a 24+ Loan. Even if you have already taken one out to fund your assessor course.
  • If you are a returning customer then you would also get £50 off the cost of your course.
  • We can provide you with access to the trainee assessors to support


If you would like to find out more about the Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice, then please give us a call on 01205 355464 or send an email to sam@brooksandkirk.co.uk.


What to do now?


That could be the question that will be running through the minds of hundreds of people as a result of Sainsbury’s axing 500 jobs.What to do next

In an effort to make £500 million of savings over the next three years, Sainsbury’s announced that 500 members of staff from their support centers will lose their jobs. 

It can be tough to know where to go next after losing your job. But if you enjoy using your own experience and qualifications to help others succeed, then becoming an NVQ Assessor may be a career that could be ideal for you. 

Providing you are occupationally competent in a sector, then you can become an NVQ Assessor in that sector. If you’re facing redundancy or are out of work, a career as an assessor may be the next step. 

Our Course

Our 8 Week Assessor Course is designed to give anyone the opportunity to become an NVQ Assessor. Most colleges and training providers will require you to have access to candidates to assess. But, if you are losing your job then it’s likely that will make the course virtually impossible for you to complete. However, one of the benefits with training to become an Assessor with Brooks and Kirk is that we can actually provide you with access to the candidates to assess. 

Also, providing you are aged over 24, you could be eligible for funding. This can cover the cost of the course and not worry about the repayments until you’re earning over £21,000 pa.

If this sounds like something that may be of interest to you, then please get in touch with us either using the details on the ‘Contact Us‘ page, or by submitting your information below. 

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Great news arrived today


Isn’t it nice when you receive some good news?

Today we learnt that yet another of our trainee assessors has secured a full-time job assessing Health and Social Care in the Midlands.

We are always keen to find out how the assessors we train get on. We like to offer them all as much help as possible including our new dedicated Linkedin page. If there is anything else we can do to help our learners know then only have to ask.

Best of luck to all who will be training with us in 2015


Our next course!

Remember with Brooks and Kirk, there is no need to wait for a start date. Because the majority of our assessor courses are delivered online, they are available to start at any time!

Learners are only required to attend two days on our 8 Week Assessor Courses. The dates for both our London and Manchester courses can be found on our Course Dates page. 

We have stopped taking bookings on to the January dates for Manchester now, however there is still availability on our London course. But if you do want to book on to the London course, you will have to contact us before the second week of January at the very latest, so that we can guarantee that you will be registered on to the system in time to start your online study ready for the January dates.

We are also already booking up the following course, whereby learners will need to attend two sessions in March. If you would like to secure a place on either our Manchester or London March course, then please get in touch with us today!

The group just for you!


You may have read a post we did a few weeks back about the importance of LinkedIn to newly trained Assessors. Well following on from that, we decided to set up a group on LinkedIn specifically for people who have either recently completed their Assessor Training, or are looking to become an NVQ Assessor. If you’re reading this post, then it is highly likely this group will be ideal for you!

Assessor Training Jobs News and Courses

The Assessor Training Jobs, News and Courses group is designed to make the process of building a career as an Assessor as straight forward as possible. We will be bringing together a selection of current job vacancies from around England as well as upcoming courses and other news. 

There will also be discussions on the page open for anyone to join in and share their opinions. If you would like to start your own discussion or would like advice from somebody, then this group can also be a platform for you to use. 

It is an open group so that means that absolutely anybody can join. It’s also a very new group! So, after you have joined the group, if you know anyone that is interested in Assessor Training get them to join as well!

Make sure that you keep up to date with the latest job vacancies near you and up coming courses by joining the Assessor Training Jobs, News and Courses group today!


Matrix Accreditation

We are delighted to announce we have been accredited by the Matrix standard.


The Matrix Standard recognises the quality of the Information, advice and guidance offered by an organisation.

When you are looking for a training company to train you as an NVQ Assessor isn’t it reassuring to have one that as already been independently recognised as providing it’s learners and prospective learners with first class information, advice and guidance?

We think so.

Call now and put us to the test.


The importance of LinkedIn to newly trained Assessors


Becoming an Assessor LinkedIn


We have trained hundreds of assessors over the years and there are two worries that a lot of our trainee assessors have, these are: ‘How will I find work?’ And, ‘what if I can’t get any candidates?’ One tool that can be used to spread your name and have direct access to opportunities for an assessor nationwide is LinkedIn.


Most of you will probably of heard of LinkedIn before. If you haven’t, it is essentially a Facebook for professionals. LinkedIn is all about business opportunities and making new connections. For newly trained assessors, the professional networking site is a perfect starting point. 


Hundreds of Colleges and Providers like ourselves, frequently use LinkedIn for a variety of purposes. It can be used for things like raising awareness of any changes, or funding rules. Even job opportunities and new courses! If you aren’t on LinkedIn then you could be missing out on an opportunity perfect for you.


There are thousands of groups on the world’s largest professional network. Joining groups that are relevant to you will give you the best chance of getting what you want out of LinkedIn. If you are reading this then you should find groups like ‘NVQ and Apprenticeship Assessors looking for work’,  ‘The Assessor Verifier Group’ . Plus, our very own Assessor Training Jobs, News and Courses will all prove to be very useful for professional development. Whether that involves seeking new career opportunities, networking or recruitment.  


It only takes five minutes to set up an account on there and to start to build your profile. If you are looking at becoming an assessor and you haven’t got a LinkedIn account, we strongly suggest you set one up. The next step in your career could be waiting for you there!

What is TEA and why is it important to me?


Technology Enhanced Assessment is essentially the term used to describe Assessment processes that involve the use of technology. TEA is now a big part of the vast majority of Further Education courses.


Over the years more and more training organisations have found ways to incorporate the use of technology in the assessment of their students. Whether it be the initial assessment or providing feedback, technology can be used at practically every step of the assessment process. That’s why, if you are an aspiring NVQ Assessor, it is important that you are familiar with the resources that are available to you when it comes to assessing learners.

 Assessor Training Technology


NVQ Assessors can do their job from anywhere in the world now! Laptops, tablets and smartphones are all devices that can be used by assessors to set work, monitor progress and provide feedback. There are online learning systems like Moodle and OneFile that can be used to assess learners online. This rise in technology has enabled both assessing and learning to become more flexible. Most students will now expect online learning to be acceptable in order to allow them to fit their learning in around their own time, which is why it is important for you as a trainee assessor to get accustomed to Technology Enhanced Assessment. 


If you would like any help or advice from an experienced Assessor on using technology in assessment, then please don’t hesitate in giving us a call. 

Course dates and venues now available!


We are no longer running the combined Assessor and Education & Training Course that is mentioned below.

Brooks and Kirk have booked the dates for the first two combined Assessor and Education and Training courses. Remember, the dates stated are only the days that the learners are required to attend, the rest of the course is delivered online.


You can find all the dates for our upcoming sessions on ourCourse Datespage.


The spaces are filling up quick, so you will need to contact us ASAP to secure your place on either the London or the Manchester assessor course!



The number you need is: 01205 805155

Or, you can email Sam at sam@brooksandkirk.co.uk